Inventory Sold

The inventory sold report is designed to show you a complete breakdown of your inventory in each pool, along with the sales at each pool in a given time frame. 

Please note that SKU's with inventory enabled will only be included in this report.  If you have sold multiple SKU's throughout the month, but only some of them have inventory enabled, only those that have inventory will show up on the report while the others will not be captured.

We have several parameters you can use to get the most of your inventory sold report:

Departments The department where the inventory belongs to.
Order Types The type of an order. (POS/ AdminPanel/ ClubOrder)
Inventory Pool The pool where your inventory is documented.
Date Type The type of date. (Ship Date/ Submitted Date/ Completed Date)
From Date-To Date The timeframe of the report.

Reports export in .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Inventory Sold report.

Product Name Name of the product.
Product SKU SKU number for the product.
Pool The Inventory Pool of the products.
Total Inventory The total amount of products in stock.
Supplier The supplier of your product.
Re-Order SKU SKU for re-ordering.
Total Sold The total amount of products sold.

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