Lifetime Value

The Lifetime Value report is designed to provide you the basic billing details of all of your purchasing customers based on the total amount of money they have spent on your products.

These are the parameters you have to choose from when deciding to pull your Customer List:

LTV From $ Starting minimum amount of money they have spent or leave it at zero
LTV To $ Ending maximum amount of money that they have spent or leave it blank
LTV From Starting date parameters for report
LTV To Ending date parameters for report
Type Choose a contact type or leave blank to search all contact types
Club Choose between a particular club, all club members, or leave blank to exclude clubs as a filter

Reports are always pulled in an .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of the what will populate in your Lifetime Value report:

Cust # The customer number of the customer.
First Name The customer's first name.
Last Name The customer's last name.
Company The customer's company name.
Address The customer's billing street address.
Address 2 Additional billing street address information.
City The customer's billing city.
State The customer's billing state.
Zip Code The customer's billing zip code.
Country The customer's country.
Phone The phone number on their customer record.
Email The email address of the customer.
LTV The lifetime value of the customer based on their purchases between your date ranges.

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