FedEx Canada Shipping Report

The FedEx Canada Shipping Report is specifically formatted to make it easy for your to import your orders into FedEx.

To access this report in your admin panel, navigate to Reports > Shipping > FedEx Canada Report. The report exports to a .CSV format file which you can then upload into your FedEx online account.

For further information of how to import into FedEx, please contact the FedEx support team at 1.800.Go.FedEx or visit their website.

We have several filters you can use to generate your FedEx Canada Shipment Report on:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Status (All Status, Completed, Submitted, Pending, Hold, Cancelled, Quarantined)
  • Type (All Order Types or select Order Types)
  • Format (Excel)

Reports export in a .CSV format. 

FedEx Shipment Report Definitions

Receiver ID The customer number assigned to each contact (always Blank)
Recepient Name First and last name of the customer.
Company The customer's company name.
Address1 The customer's shipping street address.
Address2 Additional shipping street address information.
City The customer's shipping city.
Province The customer's shipping state.
Country The customer's shipping country.
Postal Code The customer's postal code
Phone The customer's phone number.
Delivery Email The customer's email address.
Residential If shipping address is residential - True OR False.
Delivery Instructions Additional instructions for delivery driver

Description of Goods

The total weight of the order.
Bottle Quantity Number of bottles in the package
Weight The total weight of the package
Weight Units Unit of measurement for weight
Shipment ID WineDirect Order Number
Shipping Method WineDirect Shipping Type selected 
OrderDate Date of the order

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