DNS Update Information

We're making some changes to the back-end infrastructure at Vin65 and in order to maintain functionality, some clients are required to make a modification to their DNS records.


DNS Change

You need to reconfigure your DNS settings to point to the new Vin65 redirector. The specifics of how to do this vary depending on your domain provider (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) so we've created documentation for some of the most popular providers:




Network Solutions




If your domain provider isn't listed above, or if you just want the details of what needs to be changed, follow these basic instructions:

1. Log in to your account with your domain provider (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc)

2. Locate the DNS settings area

3. In the DNS settings for your domain, locate the root domain A Record that points to the old Vin65 redirector ( Update that IP address to and save the changes.


That's it! Your domain is now set up to work with Vin65's new redirector system.