Site Directory Structure

Once you have your FTP account set up, you will have access to everything you need to launch a site. 

To the right is what the default directory structure of your site will look like. Items in bold (2, 5, 6, 9, 10) fall into your responsibility:

  1. /admin - system use only
  2. /assets - contains your template images, css, js etc
  3. /emailTracking - system use only
  4. /layouts - system use only, this where your parsed templates are kept
  5. /v65html - this is where your templates are stored
  6. apple-touch-icon.png - 114 x 114 pixel graphic
  7. Application.cfc - system use only
  8. circuit.xml.cfm - system use only
  9. error.htm - error page for system errors
  10. favicon.ico - 16 x 16 pixel graphic
  11. index.cfm - system use only
  12. robots.txt - system generated automatically

Otherwise when your site goes live your images will break.

For a more complete file structure of the assets folder, click here.