Getting Started

What is Designer Launch?: Learn about designer launch and its set of tools to build your site. Learn More >

Vin65 Tags: Learn about Vin65 content tags. Learn More >

Vin65 Layouts: Learn about Vin65 layouts and how to use them. Learn More >

What You Will Need: Learn about what is needed to start setting up a site. Learn More >

What is Designer Launch?

Designer Launch is a set of tools that enables you to build your site on the Vin65 platform. Designers and developers will need a strong knowledge of creating websites in html and css prior to launching a custom site, but we do have detailed documentation to help you use and integrate our tools. The benefits of Designer Launch include control over final design, timelines, and client relationships.

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Vin65 Tags

Vin65 tags allow you to make your site dynamic in a variety of ways, enabling the user to have control of the content on their site. They are placed inside your html files, and once your files are parsed in the admin panel (learn more here), they display the corresponding content. Below are some examples.

This tag displays the content from the Content Editor on that specific page. 

This tag displays the main navigation. The main navigation can then be edited by the user in the Content Editor > 'Page' > Page Properties > Main Menu.


To view a full list of our tags, click here

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Vin65 Layouts

The Designer Launch tools are built around layouts. There are standard layouts, but custom layouts can also be created for pages that don't follow the normal template. To learn more about layouts and how to use them, visit here

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What You Will Need

  1. To have a site setup on Vin65. This can either be a live site or a site that is brand new.
  2. You should then be given a developer account to the site by the site owner if that isn't you. A developer account gives you access to some unique tools in our admin panel that you need to update layouts.
  3. You will need to setup an FTP account from the admin panel so you can transfer template files up and down. 

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