Interested in Redesigning Your Website? 


Step 1: Choose a New Template and a Web Designer

Take a look at our Website Templates and decide which option would be best for your new website. If you'd like to build your new site from scratch, select the "Designer Launch" option *Please note that some templates do not have open CSS.

You'll also want to select one of our Certified Design Partners to assist in bringing your new design live within your existing Admin Panel.

Step 2: Submit Redesign Request Form

Once submitted, the WineDirect Team will create a fresh Admin Panel instance for you which will serve as your development environment. This is where all of the design work will be executed for your new website. You can access the form below.

Step 3: Customize new website design in your Development Environment

After the Project Management team has confirmed that your development environment is ready, you'll want to contact the Designer of your choice to move forward with the styling/designing of the new website. You or your Designer will spend time customizing the new template in your development environment. You'll load your content and photos to the development environment, but you will not need to migrate any products, orders, contacts, etc. 

Step 4: Port new design to existing Admin Panel

Once your new website is ready, a Certified Designer will need to assist in porting the new design from the development environment to your existing Admin Panel.

Your redesign is complete!

Enjoy the fresh look and feel of your new website.

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Redesign Request Form


Fill this out to start the process of a redesign for your website.


Redesign FAQs


Do I need to use one of the Certified Design Partners listed above?
Yes, you will need to use one of the Certified Design Partners to help you port your redesign from your development environment to your existing Admin Panel. They do not necessarily need to do the design work if you have your own design team, but they will need to make themselves available to help port the design into the live environment. If you have internal designers that are able to do the majority of the work, the Certified Design Partner is still valuable as they have ported many redesigns in WineDirect.

Do I get a WineDirect Ecommerce Project Manager?
No. WineDirect Ecommerce no longer handles redesigns in-house, they are handled by Certified Design Partners. Your chosen Design Partner will work with you throughout the entire redesign process - as much as you need or as little as you want. 

Do I have to pay for a redesign?
There is no fee to set up a redesign instance within WineDirect. Certified Design Partners charge their own fees for management, design, porting and consultation. We encourage you to speak with them about your specific needs before making a selection. 

How do I sign up?
Sign up here. Within 2 business days, you will have access to your redesign instance.

Do I need a designer to redesign my website?
If you don't wish to customize the new template you've chosen, you can build your redesigned website through our Content Editor tools. If you find that you'd like to customize the template you've chosen, you may ask your Certified Design Partner about adding design work in addition to porting your redesign. Additional design work will incur an extra fee. 

Do I have to use a template?
You can use one of our website templates or you may select Designer Launch which would be like building your new website from scratch. If you should decide to use Designer Launch, you will need to obtain the assistance of a Certified Designer to build this for you. View templates here