Interested in Redesigning Your Website? 


Step 1: Choose a Design Type

Redesigning with a template? Just make sure you choose your template before signing up. If you're using an outside designer, you'll need to let us know who it is during sign up. You'll want an idea of design so you can find the best redesign Consultant for your redesign.

Step 2: Choose a Web Designer

To get going with a redesign, reach out to a WineDirect Redesign Consultant - they will guide you through the redesign steps all the way until go-live. WineDirect no longer handles redesigns internally, so you will need to decide who you'd like to work with.

Step 3: Formally submit the redesign form here 

Our Project Management Team will confirm your redesign request with login credentials and provide web access for your selected web designer within 2 business days. 
For support during business hours please reach out to or for immediate asistance.  

Redesign FAQs

Do I need to use one of the Consultants listed above?
Yes. You must choose a Consultant from this list to be your redesign expert. They will guide you through your redesign project and work with you to launch your new website. The do not necessarily need to do the work if you have your own design team, but they will need to make themselves available to help the porting of the design into the live enviroment. If your internally designers are able to do the majority of the work, the consultant is still valuable as they have executed many port overs. 

Do I get a WineDirect Ecommerce Project Manager?
No. WineDirect Ecommerce no longer handles redesigns in-house, they are handled by an external consultants. Your chosen consultant will work with you throughout the entire redesign process - as much as you need or as little as you want. But they will be valuable during the techinical process of going live with your new website. 

Do I have to pay for a redesign?
There is not a fee to set up a redesign instance within WineDirect. External Certified Consultants charge their own fees for management, design, porting and consultation. We encourage you to speak with them about your specific needs before making a selection. 

How do I sign up?
1. Sign up here.  2. Within 2 business days, your designer will have access to your redesign instance. 3. Get your redesign perfect 4. Overlay the design and go-live with a brand new site launch! 

Do I need a designer?
Nope. You're able to select a template to get started. Your chosen External Consultant may work with you on design for an extra fee. Or simply help port the design over when you want to take your design into the live enviroment.

Do I have to use a template?
Yes. You can also work with your designer. If you're looking to customize your template, talk to your consultant, they will be able to help you out. View templates here. Please note there is a Designer Launch template which is like a blank canvas to start your custom design on.