Inserting PDFs

Please watch the following video that will go over some general concepts for adding PDF files to your webpages:


1. To insert PDFs and link them to text or pictures, highlight the text or select the picture, then click on the Insert/Edit Link button.

2. Click on the Browse Server button and in the new pop up window, you will be able to click Add a File. This then allows you to select the PDF you wish to upload from your computer.

(You can also create folders and sub folders if you wish to organize your PDFs to easily find them next time.)

3. Hit the Upload File button, then click on the uploaded file. This will automatically insert the PDF’s link into the URL field in the original Edit/Insert Link pop up window. Hit OK and you’ve now linked a PDF to text or a picture. Please make sure that your PDF follows these guidelines:

  • Is in PDF format
  • Does not have any spaces or special characters (!@#$%*+) in the file name

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