<v65:pods location="locationname"></v65:pods>

Description: Use this tag to pull a pod location into your template.

Creating Pod Locations: Pod locations are created in the website settings under the functions tab. Only users with developer level access can create pod locations. Select from the following options for the pod location.

Page Tree: Gives users the ability to apply pods to a specific page.
Allow Adding Pods: Gives users the ability to add or remove pods.
Allow Free Form Text: Creates a free form text pod location.
Allow Pod Image: Creates an image only pod. ( must also specify width and height)
Allow Link: Links may be applied to pod images, when 'Allow Pod Image' is checked.

Mandatory Attributes:

location: define the pod location you are calling in

usage: <v65:pods location="locationname"></v65:pods>

Optional Attributes:

type: specify what type of pod elements to display

default: "description"
usage: <v65:pods location="locationname" type="image,title,description"></v65:pods>

randomCount: randomize the pod and pass in how many to randomly return

default: none
usage: <v65:pods location="locationname" randomCount="3"></v65:pods>

wrapper: specify what to wrap your pod in

default: none
usage: <v65:pods location="locationname" wrapper="li"></v65:pods>

HTML Source Output:

<div class="v65-podTitle"><a href="yourlink">Pod Title</a></div>
<div class="v65-podImage" ><a href="yourlink"><img src="../assets/images/pods/someimage.jpg" /></a></div>
<div class="v65-podDescription"><p>Pod Description</p></div>

Base CSS from vin65.css:
.v65-podTitle { }
.v65-podImage { }
.v65-podDescription { }