SSL Everywhere

Google recently announced that having SSL everywhere improves your search engine rank, so Vin65 now has a new setting that allows for SSL everywhere. We've turned on SSL everywhere for our own website - and we are encouraging you to do the same.

Reach out to our support team ( to turn on SSL everywhere, check your site, work with support to resolve issues - and then know that you're in a more secure place. 

What Happens After The SSL Everywhere Feature Is Activated?

Once Vin65 support has turned on SSL everywhere for your website, it is up to you to thoroughly go through each webpage to ensure that all links and images are secured. Here is a quick tip on how you can check through the site and look for any images or links that are not secured with SSL : 

Step 1: Right click in your browser and select view page source or inspect element.

Step 2: Then use the search function (Control + F) for http://.

Step 3: If the link or image is in the content editor or any other location that where you are able to edit the source then you can correct this issue by changing http:// to https://. Other places to look for links/images that you are able to edit: Events, Receipes, Pods, Content Blocks, Blogs

Please Note: Hardcoded content would need to be reviewed and corrected by a designer. You can find a list of our certified third party designers here

Still Stuck?

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