Login Status

The Login Status widget simply shows a visitor to your site if they are logged in or not and provides links to login, log out, and to their profile page.

Download All Sample Files (Includes sample CSS)


Remote Tools Install:

To get remote tools working, follow the steps below. If you already are using remote tools for another widget, skip to the next set of instructions. 

1. Call in jQuery at the top of your page if you are not already
<script src=""></script>
2. Call in the Vin65 Remote Widget script at the bottom of your page.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
3. Call the Vin65 Cart Init function below the remotetools script to initialize and load required libraries.
<script type="text/javascript">vin65remote.cart.init('',0);</script>


Login Status Install:

1. Add the Login Status script underneath the Vin65 Remote Widget script. Make sure you put your website address in place of
<script type="text/javascript">vin65remote.usertools.loginWidget('');</script>

2. Insert a special div on the page where you want the Login status to appear.
<div v65remotejs="loginWidget"></div>