<v65:siteLogin signUpPageID="yourpageID"></v65:siteLogin>

Description: Use this tag to force someone to login before entering your site.

Required Attributes:

signUpPageID: specify which page content to pull into modal to customize messaging. This must be specified in order for the tag to work. Add the keyword of "siteLogin" to this page in the Content Editor under Page Properties > Admin > Keyword.

default: none
usage: <v65:siteLogin signUpPageID="yourpageID"></v65:siteLogin>

IPAddressOverride: specify a list of IP Addresses that will override the login security by bypassing the login modal. Note: Multiple IDs must be separated by a comma with no spaces.

usage: <v65:siteLogin signUpPageID="yourpageID" IPAddressOverride="IP Address,IP Address 2"></v65:siteLogin>