Custom Layouts

As a developer or designer, you have the option of customizing the product list and product drilldown pages to fit your design requirements. Through customizing product displays, you are able to reorder different elements and pull in different attributes using our product tags. Please note that this is available for Products V3 only.


1. Creating your custom layouts

You can add a custom layout to one or both of the product views. First, you will want to create your custom layout and have it ready to go. We have our default boiler plate templates that can be used as a starting point for any changes that you are wanting to make on either the product list or the product drilldown pages. There is also a list and details on all the designer launch product tags available for your reference.

Since these layouts are not full page templates and are being pulled into the page, it is important to only add the product tags and not the surrounding elements such as the header and the footer.

2. Selecting custom layouts in the admin panel 

Once you have created your layout or layouts, upload them via FTP into the /v65html folder. Then, login into the Vin65 backend and click Settings > Website Settings and click the Product tab. 
To add a custom product list, check off the Custom option. To add a custom product drilldown, select Custom from the dropdown as shown in the screen shot below. 

3. Parsing your custom product layouts

In order to now use your custom product layouts you will need to parse then under Settings Designer Launch.

Depending on if you customized both product layouts, you will now see one or two new options below the normal page layouts; Product Custom List and/or Product Custom Drilldown. Select the new layout for the dropdown and click Parse Files.

Once your layouts are parsed, your custom product drilldown will automatically be in effect, and your custom product list will be available as an option on your product pages. (You can select it by going to your product pages in the Content Editor, clicking Page Properties and selecting Custom under Product layouts.) You also have the option of setting the custom list layout as the default in Settings > Website Settings > Products.