Product Groups

Vin65 Product Groups allows you to place products into groups and then place them onto pages as components or place them inside layouts using the Vin65 Product Group tag. For each Product Group, a title and description of the group will be displayed along with the list of products below.


1. Enabling Product Groups

Before you can set up Product Groups you must have Products V3 turned on in your settings.


You also need to make sure that the Product Groups are turned on.


2. Setting up and managing Product Groups

You should now have a new menu item called Products Groups.


In the Product Groups section, you will see a list of any existing product groups. You can either click into a Product Group to edit its information or delete it, or you can add a new Product Group.

After clicking on a group, you can edit the title and teaser. If you are planning to insert the Product Group into a layout, you will need to add a Code field. This is what will be used to pull that particular group onto the page. Learn more about how to do this here.

3. Adding products

Once your Product Groups are set up, you can add products to them by going to the specific product and scrolling down to the Categories section. Select any Product Groups that you would like the product to display in. 


4. Adding Product Groups to pages 

If you want to display the Product Group on the page without editing the layout files, you can enter it as a component in the Content Editor

If you want to display the Product Group by inserting it into the layout file, you will need to use the Product Group tag and the Code field created above.