Support for WineDirect API/Web Services 

If you are a software developer and encounter an error while trying to invoke a Web Service, it is useful to view the SOAP request and response messages, because they often point to the problem.

If you are unsure of how to do this or are still unable to resolve the issue, please open a request for assistance from the WineDirect technical support team by emailing 

Please note, they will not be able to troubleshoot custom code or perform any coding analysis. Specific questions about usage will be referred to our partnership team for follow up. 

To help us efficiently troubleshoot any issues, please include the following information in your email:

  • Name of the website
  • WSDL Service URL
  • Service name (endpoint)
  • Description of the problem and type of error

Please also include as much information as possible about how you are integrating:

  • Name and purpose of application which is running the request
  • Is the application a 3rd-party off-the-shelf tool or a custom-developed integration?
  • Local support: do you have an IT team that has insight into the application code and logs?

If the problem seems to be with single requests:

  • Sample Request (XML)
  • Sample Response (XML) showing the problem
  • If the problem surfaces when running a lot of requests:
  • Time of attempt
  • Information about the volume attempted, the failure rate, and the speed the application is querying at (requests per second/minute)
Example Reports
Example report for single request problem Example report for volume problems
  • Website Name: XYZ Winery
  • Service URL:
  • Service Name: GetOrderDetail
  • Problem and type of error: GetOrderDetail returns 500 Internal Server Error for order-number 12546
  • App: 3rd-party app
  • Local support: no insight into code, but have some error logs
  • Sample request: XML not available, but logs show last order ID querying before error
  • Sample response: XML not available, but error logs show 500 response
  • Website Name: XYZ Winery
  • Service URL:
  • Service Name: SearchNotes
  • Problem and type of error: home-grown integration gets a number of time-outs when pulling last week's order notes
  • App: Homegrown reporting app, written in C#
  • Local Support: local IT team has access to code and logs
  • Time of attempt: 12 noon
  • Volume: pulling approx. 1200 notes; seeing approx. 10% time-outs; querying at 20 rps

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