Webinar Resources

5 Key Takeaways: These are five things to keep in mind when using the tools that were discussed during todays webinar.

4 Steps Before Change Pick up to ship: To ensure that you are not creating more work for yourself when converting pickup to ship orders, review these helpful tips.

Preventing Duplicates in List Builder: Since email and telecom campaigns will be our only means of communicating with our clients for awhile, this technique will help prevent adding contacts to multiple lists.

Building a Shipping Strategy for Flip to Ship during Covid-19: To make sure that your club members who would have picked up still get their wines, and to be sure that they are not being billed or offered a flat rate when converting a pick up order.

Learn How to Setup Carrots and One Click Offers: Ensure that you have the new check out tools turned on to take full advantage of the One Click Offers.

Learn How to Update to the New Checkout: New check out will let you utilize One Click Offers and was designed to expidite the check out process for your customers.

5 Key Takeaways

1.  Make sure to define the shipping strategy that you are allowing the promo to affect, you don’t want to offer 90% off priority overnight shipping.

  • When making a shipping discount promo, remember to define what shipping types this affects.

2.  If you want to couple the shipping promo for your club members you will want to make a separate promo for each discount level you want to couple it with.

  • When you couple a promo with different discount level the system will add those discounts together. Be aware of that and be sure to test the build for yourself.

3.  Change Pickup to Ship will refund an order and create a new order with the shipping included / Change Pickup to Ship X will simply create a shipping order.

  • The original order will now have the billing or default shipping address added to the shipping information field.
  • The New order will have no products, just the shipping charge with tax

4.  To make sure that you don’t have overlap when making two lists, make the first list and add that list to a specific contact type such as “Name of the List”.  Then when making the second list in the contacts section start with - Contact type not and select “Name of the List”.

(See How To)

5.  Shipping promos do not work on Change Pickup to Ship orders, you will need to use a shipping strategy to provide this.

(See How To)

4 steps to do before you Change Pickup to Ship X

  1. Prep for change pickup to ship:  
  2. Make an email to verify the address to ship to
  3. For complimentary or flat rate shipping, build a strategy with one zone that has all states, and the rates are unit-based 0 - 999 for Zone 1 = (flat rate / $0.00) (See attached How To)
  4. Make all address changes before mass changing pickup to ship, the address needs to be added to the shipping address in the account and marked as the default for club shipping.
  • When adding the shipping address in the contact account, be sure to make it the Primary address, or flip to ship will still use the billing as default.

Preventing Duplicates in two lists when using List Builder

1. Create a Contact Type to represent each list, in this example I will be calling them Group A and Group B.


When adding a contact type, never mark them as “Is Public”, but always make sure that they are deletable (as shown.)


2. In List Builder make your first list with whatever filter options you want to use (In the below example it is simply those with an LTV that is $1000 or more).

                2a. Once you have generated the list Select the “Place into a Contact Type” option

                2b. Select to add those is in list “Group A” to the contact type “Group A”.


3. Make you next list (in this example it will be called Group B), and remove the Group A contact type from that list.

In this way you can add whatever other filters that you would like to when building Group B, and so long as you are removing Group A, you will not have any duplication of contacts.










Creating a Shipping Strategy for Flat Rate “Flip to Ship”

1. Main tab Store > Shipping > + Add New Shipping strategy

2. Give the shipping strategy a Name, Select the Strategy type to be based on Number of Units, and leave the option for default strategy unchecked.

3. Select + Add a Shipping Rate, in the Zone and Type drop down menus select the [Add New] options.

  • For shipping zones, make one that has all of the compliant States selected
  • For Shipping types select the ground option that you are going to use and make it active and show if rate is 0.00 (for complimentary shipping)

4. Once the Zone and Type are completed, add one rate from 1 unit to 999999 units, and the rate will be either the flat rate you are offering or if the shipping is complimentary then make the rate $0.00.  Click Save.