Text Message Opt In/Out

Before a customer or club member will be available as an SMS (Text) message contact they must opt into or agree to be contacted using text messages. There are three basic opt in options available:

Website Opt In/Out: Learn how customers can opt or out of text messages while placing an order online or by managing their account. Learn More >

Text Message Opt In: Learn how customers can opt into marketing text messages by first sending you a text message. Learn More >

Admin Opt In/Out: Learn how to review if a customer has opted into text messages and learn how to adjust on opt in. Learn More >

Website Opt In/Out

Text message shipping notifications will help keep your customers up to date on when their order has shipped and if there are any issues with delivery. While placing an order on your website, a customer will have the ability to check the Send Text Message When Order Shipped to opt into shipping notification by text messages. 

Customers will also be able to either opt in or opt out of receiving text messages from the Edit Profile page of their online account. 

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Text Message Opt In

Using the Inbound Text Message features you can create an automatic function that will allow customers to opt into receiving marketing text messages by simply texting you. Follow the steps to create an auto opt in message:

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Inbound Text Messages.

2. Click Add an Inbound Text Message.

3. Start by selecting the Keyword and enter a keyword, for example TEXT ME. 

4. Check Send SMS Response and add a short message to let your customers know that they have successfully opted in. 

5. Check Opt Contact Into SMS Marketing.

6. Click Save.

Now simply let your customers know that if they text your winery text message number they will automatically be opted into the marketing text message list. 

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Admin Opt In/Out

As an admin you have the ability to review the SMS Permission status for a customer whether it is Not Set, Opt In, Opt Out, Stopped, or Bad Number. You will want to use the following steps to review and edit a customer's opt in status:

1. Navigate to Contacts > General Tab.

2. On the first screen (General Tab) use the SMS Permission status filed to review or edit the customer's opt in status. 

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