EMV Credit Card Swipers Setup/Ordering

Ordering EMV Devices: Learn more about how to order an EMV device to work with your WineDirect POS system. Learn More >

Setting Up an EMV Terminal: Learn more about how to connect a new EMV terminal to WineDirect your POS system. Learn More >

Paying with an EMV Terminal: Learn more about how to processes payment for POS orders using an EMV terminal. Learn More >

EMV Refunds: Learn more about how to process refunds for orders placed using an EMV chip card. Learn More >

EMV FAQs: See common questions about EMV hardware. Learn More >

Ordering EMV Hardware

WineDirect Payments
Jeffrey Cole
Phone: 818.346.9888

Hardware Model


Hardware/Setup Fees: The hardware cost will come directly though WineDirect Payments. Depending on your merchant processor, your processor may also charge a fee to setup/inject the unique key into the device. Contact WineDirect Payments for more information on the setup costs.

Licensing Fees:

  • USAePay Clients: If you are using USAePay as your gateway, and iPayments as your processor (a preferred WineDirect vendor), your first 5 devices will not have a monthly fee; after the 5th unit the licensing fee is $15/mo per device and will be billed directly from WineDirect.
  • Non-USAePay Clients: If you're using any payment gateway/merchant processor, the licensing fee is $15/mo per device.

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Setting Up an EMV Terminal

Please use the steps outlined below to connect a new EMV terminal to your WineDirect POS system:

1. Ensure that your POS and terminal are on the same network connection.

2. Log into POS system.

3. Click Menu Bar (the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the POS screen) > Device Settings.

4. Click Setup New Terminal.

5. Fill in the Address Information fields.

6. A signal will be sent to the EMV terminal. When prompted, confirm that EMV terminal is showing a transaction on it and continue through the process on the terminal.

7. Back in the POS Device Settings make sure the terminal that was setup is complete and the new terminal is selected as Default.

8. Click Save.

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Paying with an EMV Terminal

Please use the steps outlined below to place a POS transaction and pay with the EMV Terminal: 

1. Make sure the Terminal you want to pay with is setup as the default inside the device settings. (See: Setting Up an EMV Terminal Documentation)

2. Add items to your POS cart as you do with any POS transaction and click Charge when ready to checkout.

3. Click the Pay With Terminal button.

4. If you have tips enabled on the iPad, your customer will be prompted for the tip. If tips are not enabled proceed to step 5.

5.  Next the transaction will be sent to your EMV terminal and the terminal screen will prompt the customer to insert their card into the reader.

5. The customer will insert their credit card into the reader and follow the prompts that will appear directly on the terminal. 

6. When this shows as complete on the device, it should pop up as complete on the desktop, if not, you will be guided through your next steps.

7. If you have the signature feature enabled, the customer will be prompted to sign on the iPad POS screen. 

8. Continue through the rest of the checkout processes as normal until you reach the green success checkmark which notifies you that your transaction has been successfully completed.

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EMV Refunds

1. Log into POS system.

2. Click Menu Bar (the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the POS screen) > Order Manager.

3. Scroll until you find the order to refund or search for your order using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the Order Manager screen. 

4. Orders that were paid for using a EMV Terminal  will be marked with a payment type of Terminal.

5. Click Refund/Return Order from the left hand menu. 

6. The entire order will be added to the refund, you can remove and alter the items and dollar amount to be returned. Once you have the correct refund items and amount the green Refund button in the bottom right of the POS screen. 

7. On the next screen confirm your refund total and click Process Refund to Terminal to send the refund transaction to the EMV Terminal. 

8. The refund will now be sent to the EMV terminal for the customer to insert their chip card and accept the refund. 

9. Once the EMV Terminal has completed the refund transaction this will be communicated back to the POS system and the POS screen should carry on with the refund process by asking if you would like to email a copy of the refund receipt. Press Yes  or No Thanks

10. The green Success checkmark on the POS screen let's you know the refund process is complete. Click Print Receipt or Back To Orders to finish the refund. 

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  1. How does a terminal connect to the WineDirect POS app? (If it's bought through WineDirect Payments)
  2. If I don't buy a terminal through WineDirect how does it connect?

How does a terminal connect to the WineDirect POS app? (If it's bought through WineDirect Payments)

If you've bought your EMV device through WineDirect Payments, then the WineDirect app can connect to the device through the app's device settings. To connect it, see the setup instructions here >

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If I don't buy a terminal through WineDirect, how does it connect?

If you didn't buy the EMV device through WineDirect, then it can not connect automatically, however, that does not mean you can't use it. You simply need to manually type in the amount into the EMV device (the WineDirect POS doesn't send the amount to the device) and then manually click an order type that you've set up on the WineDirect POS to complete the order (i.e. you could create an payment type called External EMV Device).

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