Club Dashboard

The Club Dashboard has five different views so that you can drill down to exactly what analytics you are looking for. You can view your club analytics by choosing one of the following:

General: An overview of your club membership data displayed by graphs. Learn More >

By Club: View data based on each wine club. Learn More >

By State: View club data based on memberships by state. Learn More >

By Anniversary: View club data based on when each member signed up. Learn More >

By Cancellation Reason: View club data based on membership cancellation reasons. Learn More >

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On the general area of the dashboard (this is the page you'll land on coming to the Club Dashboard) you'll find graphs to display your club memberships, memberships by club, memberships by state, club anniversaries, and top 10 cancelation reasons. You may click on the spy glass icons that say View Details below the box to look at a more detailed view.

You may also use the date range area in the top right of the page to select the date range for the data at which you are viewing. If you click on the arrow next to the date range in the box at the top right corner you can select whether you are seeing club membership stats data for each of your clubs individually or all of them. You can also select to compare date ranges for this data. When finished click the Go button and the page will reload with new data.

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By Club

In this area of the Club Dashboard you can look through the data based on specific clubs. The top area will show you a bar graph of memberships by club through date and number of members in that date range. You may change the date range by using the date range area in the top right of the page. The bottom area will give you a data table of solid numbers for each club and their membership numbers in your selected date range.

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By State

In the Membership By State area of the Club Dashboard you can look through the data based on the state your members are from. The top area of the page shows a map color coded based on amount of members. If you hover your mouse over any given state a box will pop up telling the exact number of members for the date range you have selected. The bottom area shows you in a data table the number of members for each state for your selected date range (it's just another way of seeing the data without having to hover on the map).

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By Anniversary

The Membership By Anniversary area simply gives you a data table listing your members and their join date based on the date range you've selected. Clicking on the spy glass to the left of any customer name will bring up their customer details.

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By Cancellation Reason

In this area you'll see how many people have cancelled their club membership, sorted by cancellation reason in the selected date range.

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