Text Messages

The text messaging features allow you to reach out to your customers and contacts using text messages directly to their mobile phone. Contact them with order tracking notices, allowing your customers to reroute packages if necessary, or contact your customers about an upcoming event or media broadcast.

**Domain Admin is required for Text Messages, Basic Admin permissions will not be able to access Text Messages

List of Features

Text Messages Queue: Using the queue section you can view messages that are waiting to be sent as well as check messages that have already been sent out. You will also be able to manually trigger a message to send from the queue. Learn More >

System Text Messages: Review and edit the wording for system generated text messages, including: Shipment tracking texts. Learn More >

Inbound Text Messages: Create automatic message systems to repond automatically to customers when they text you a specific keyword or their email address. Learn More >

Marketing Text Messages: Create text message marketing campaigns to let your customers know about upcoing sales and special events. Learn More >

Configure: Configure who receives at the winery will receive a text message and/or email if a text that has been recieved cannot be addressed by the automated responses. Learn More >

Text Message Opt In/Out: Learn various methods that customers can use to opt or out of receiving text messages. Learn More >

Watch our video training series to get the most out of text messages.

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