Text Message Queue

The Text Message Queue section allows you to view text messages that are waiting to be sent as well as check messages that have already been sent out. You will also be able to manually trigger a message to send from the queue.

Reviewing Text Messages In Queue: Learn how to search through the text message queue and review information on a single text message. Learn More >

Text Message Statuses: Learn the definitions of each text message status. Learn More >

Reviewing Text Messages In Queue

Use the following steps to review your text message queue:

Search And Filtering

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Text Message Queue.

2. You can scroll down through the queue to review all the messages that are ready to go out. 

3. When searching for an individual contact you can search by Text Message content (what you wrote in your text) or additional filters using the Advanced section below the search bar (First Name, Last Name, Status, To/From Dates). 

4. Click Search.

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Single Message Stats

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Text Message Queue.

2. Select the text message you wish to review.

3. You will be able to view the contact information for the customer that the text was sent to as well as the delivery status from the customer's cellular provider.

4. If you have not yet received a status update from the customer's cellular carrier you can manually trigger a check using the Retrieve Carrier Status option under the Text Message Actions section.

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Text Message Statuses

Text messages that are sitting in the text message queue will have a different status assigned to them based on the action that is happening around it within the queue. 

List of Text Message Statuses

Pending Text message is in the queue ready to be sent but has not yet been sent. Text is pending being sent. 
Queuing Text message is being setup within the queue and is not ready to be sent. Text message will appear Pending until sent. 
Sent Text message has been sent.
Received A message received from your customer.
Not Sending Test message is not being sent. A common reason is that the customer opted out of receiving text messages after the current message was already in queue. 
Bad Number Cellular carrier has returned a bad number message. Text cannot be sent.
BlackList Customer has opted out of text messages with their cellular carrier. A customer must text YES to the winery to opt back into receiving messages. 

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