Adrienne Stillman
March 27, 2018 | Adrienne Stillman

Customizable Tip Percentages in the POS

You can now customize the default tip percentages that display during checkout on the POS app. To edit, navigate to Settings > POS Profiles in the Admin Panel and select the Profile you wish to edit. Make sure you check the box Tips / Gratuities under Additional Options. You'll then see an option to edit the Tip Amounts. 

Edit your default tip amount via your POS Profile settings

Note that you will need to enable tips and set these default amounts for each of your POS Profiles. Once you've updated each profile, refresh your POS app by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top right hand corner of your device and select Reload POS. If you still do not see the updated tip percentages, please log out of the POS and then log back in.

Have additional questions? Read our full Tipping Documentation here.

Currently, the default Tip Amounts can only be set as a percent, not a fixed dollar amount. We hope to add that functionality in a future release!

Time Posted: Mar 27, 2018 at 3:53 PM
Adrienne Stillman
March 27, 2018 | Adrienne Stillman

Disable Credit Card Update Email Alerts

Great news! If you use our automatic Credit Card Updater tool, you can now choose to turn off customer email alerts each time a credit card is updated. This is a feature request we have received from many of you, as your club members can find the email updates confusing. For those of you who wish to keep the notification emails, no action is needed.

If you want to turn them off, go to Settings > Website Settings > Store tab > Orders section > Payment Options > Check the box next to "Opt Out of Customer Card Updater Emails"

Opt out of customer notification emails via Website Settings

That's it. No further action is needed and your customers will no longer recieve update notification emails.

Note: In order to view and edit Website Settings, you need to be enabled as a Domain Admin with Developer access. Please contact Support if you have questions or need to be enabled.

Time Posted: Mar 27, 2018 at 3:16 PM
Corinna Wang
February 27, 2018 | Corinna Wang

New: WineDirect Adds PayPal Express Checkout Integration

Starting today, you can add PayPal Express Checkout as a payment option on your website. We’ve fully integrated PayPal into the existing checkout flow, making it easy for your customers to use - and simple for you to collect payment.

With more than 227 million users, PayPal provides convenience and security to you and your customers, allowing them to pay with their PayPal balance, bank account or credit card without sharing or entering sensitive payment information on your website.

Key Benefits:

  • Added consumer flexibility and convenience  
  • Secure payment processing from a globally trusted company
  • Seamless integration with your existing checkout experience
  • No setup fees and easy onboarding

How to Get Started:

  • Enable WineDirect’s new checkout tools, if you haven’t already
  • Sign up for a business account with PayPal
  • Enter your PayPal credentials in your WineDirect Admin Panel
  • Start accepting PayPal payments immediately!

Get started now with easy step-by-step instructions.

Corinna Wang
February 6, 2018 | Corinna Wang

POS Email Marketing Opt-In

Experience a faster opt-in process for customers that want to hear from you! During the point of sale checkout process, you are asked to enter a email address in order to send an email receipt to the customer. When entering a customer's email address, you will now notice an opt-in checkbox underneath, allowing a one-step opt-in for email marketing communications. 

This will help you add customers to your marketing communications list while staying compliant. Customers who verbally opt-in to receiving marketing emails in your tasting room will have their contact record updated to a 'Single Opt-In' email status in the WineDirect CRM. The customer will also receive a 'Double Opt-In' email, allowing them to confirm their email address, giving you easier compliance to anti-spam standards in different countries.

Read more in the Documentation here.

Corinna Wang
January 23, 2018 | Corinna Wang

New Features Roundup Webinar Recap

Thanks to everyone that tuned in for the webinar today! You can watch the recorded webinar below:


As promised, here are some links to relevant signups, including new features, the early adopter program and a club survey:

  1. POS PINs: PINs brings improved security and tracking to your POS, making it easy for you to assign unique login credentials to each staff member instead of relying on one shared username and password. The 4-digit PIN speeds up transactions in your tasting room.
  2. POS Exchanges (Open Beta): When customers come into the tasting room to pick up their club or online orders, frequently they'd like to exchange items they've purchased for a different bottle.With POS Exchanges, there is one clean transaction.
  3. Loyalty Points: Loyalty programs encourage repeat customers who spend more on their purchases and return to your winery more often. So we are thrilled to now offer a fully-integrated loyalty points program. 
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager: If you’re looking for more data to help you understand how your customers are interacting with your website - then these tools are for you. Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics offer a wealth of data, but it can be challenging to turn that into real insight for your business. We've done all the work for you!
  5. Marketplaces: Build your customer base with WineDirect’s integrated marketplace distribution network —the only one of its kind—that enables you to seamlessly connect to third-party platforms including eBay, Vivino and many top travel and luxury loyalty programs in the United States. 
  6. Early Adopter Program: The Early Adopter Program gives clients access to new products and features before they are available to everyone using the platform. Sign up to get started!
  7. Wine Club Feedback Signup: We want you to help provide input on some prototypes for new club features and consumer experiences. Feedback on the prototypes helps guide what the features will look like when they are rolled into our platform. Sign up and give your input!
WineDirect Team
December 21, 2017 | WineDirect Team

FedEx Shipment Export Report

We have now added the FedEx Shipments report to the enhanced reports interface within the admin panel.

You can now seamlessly run your FedEx Shipment export without having to toggle back to the old reports section.

Time Posted: Dec 21, 2017 at 10:30 AM
WineDirect Team
December 11, 2017 | WineDirect Team

New! Recipes With Products Report

The 'Recipes with Product' report provides you with a list of your recipes that include a Product as one of its ingredients. You can find 'Recipes With Products’ in the Product category in the Reports tab of your admin panel.

Read the documenation here for setup and explanations.

Time Posted: Dec 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM
WineDirect Team
November 24, 2017 | WineDirect Team

Sales Summary Report

We have now added the Sales Summary Report to the enhanced reports interface within the admin panel.

You can now seamlessly run your sales summary reports without having to toggle back to the old reports section.


Time Posted: Nov 24, 2017 at 8:45 AM
Corinna Wang
November 7, 2017 | Corinna Wang

New: Loyalty Points

We're thrilled to announce our new Loyalty Points program, available today. Over the years, this has been one of our most-requested features, and with good reason. Loyalty programs encourage repeat customers who spend more on their purchases and return to your winery more often. With loyalty points, you can easily reward your biggest fans, and keep them coming back for more. 

Why You’ll Love Loyalty Points

  • Create a seamless experience for customers to earn and redeem points
  • Leverage points as an extra bonus or customer service perk
  • Incentivize club members to join premium clubs and receive a more favorable earning rate
  • Customize which product SKUs customers can redeem with loyalty points
  • Ability to customize a redemption rate that makes sense for your winery


Loyalty Points is a paid add-on feature that can be used by wineries of all sizes; the pricing simply fluctuates based on the number of contacts you have in your Admin Panel CRM at the time of billing.


Up to 5,000 Contacts --- $49.00/month
5,001 - 15,000 Contacts---  $99.00/month
15,001 - 30,000 Contacts ---  $129.00/month
30,001+ Contacts ---  $229.00/month

How To Get Started

  • Sign up here to start using the new loyalty points features
  • To learn more, please read the documentation
  • Once you’ve signed up for loyalty points,you can easily manage and apply points on your Admin Panel and POS

Sign Me Up


Corinna Wang
October 5, 2017 | Corinna Wang

New: Checkout Tools

Starting today, you can give your customers the absolute best ecommerce experience with our new checkout tools, designed to make it easier than ever for your customers to buy wine online.

Why You'll Love The New Checkout Tools:

  • Ability to preview the entire checkout experience in a test environment without placing any orders
  • Designed to reduce abandoned carts and increase conversion rates
  • Faster and easier checkout experience with pre-populated user data
  • More login options with Facebook, an improved guest checkout and a simplified wine club signup
  • Easily update your logo, colours and fonts (without the need to hire a designer) so that your checkout experience matches your brand

More Details:

  • New checkout tools are visible for Domain Admins under Settings>Checkout Editor
  • Nothing changes with your current checkout until you decide to publish your new checkout updates
  • This feature is free to use
  • Read the documentation here