Your Marketplace Orders

When an order is placed for available products, they will appear in your Orders dashboard with all your other order types. These orders will show as Order Type ‘Marketplace’. When an order is placed, the designated Marketplace contact will receive an email notification (per order). 

Orders will have both a Marketplace order number and the conventional Vin65 order number. Emails that you receive on orders will reference the Marketplace order number. That same number will be displayed alongside your Vin65 order number in the order detail screen. As default, orders will show as External and as Payment type Cash.  

Accepting/Rejecting Orders

Both Marketplace partners and wineries will have a 60 minute window when the order initially places to reject/cancel the order. Wineries wishing to cancel an order can do so from the link provided in the order email. During this time, orders will not be viewable on your Vin65 instance.

No action is necessary to accept an order.  Once the 60 minutes window passes, the order will automatically post to Vin65. 

Wineries can opt out of the 60 minute window if desired.  If this was not configured during your onboarding, please submit a request to to have this setup for your account.

Cancelling Orders

Besides the 60 minute window, orders can also be cancelled once they post to your Vin65 account up to the point where there is a shipping status, allowing any unresolvable issues to be dealt with. Once there is a shipping status the order will no longer be cancellable. As with your traditional orders, they can be cancelled through the Status tab on the order itself.

If an order has not been marked as shipped (with date and tracking information), orders are considered Cancelled in Marketplace regardless if they are cancelled or refunded in Vin65.

Refunding Orders

Refunding an order will be available at any point on an order by the winery, once it has posted to the winery’s Vin65 instance.

Tax Collected

A Marketplace order can have multiple wineries in it, and the tax collected will be appropriately distributed to each winery based on your specific tax rate for that state. Although this does not affect the amount of tax collected, it ensures a best approach to providing an appropriate amount of tax to each winery. For wineries with ShipCompliant integrated accounts, those specific rates are used to determine your share of the tax collected which would include Nexus if applicable. For other clients, it is based on the Wine Tax Rate in your Vin65 state profile


For wineries with ShipCompliant integration, orders will continue to be compliance checked and wineries will have the ability to deal with those issues as with other orders. 

Shipping Methods

Shipping service levels and costs for the Marketplace are predefined. There are a few general options available to keep things simple at the partner level, which are Ground, Overnight and 2Day. The method that the customer selects will show on the order. Not all shipping methods will be available per partner, so please contact your account manager for specifics.  

For WineDirect Fulfillment clients, orders will show as UPS, which will be the standard carrier for WineDirect Fulfillment.  

For self-fulfillers, carriers of your choice can be used but the service level must be the same. The following codes are provided on orders:

  • UPS for Ground shipments
  • UP2 for Two Day shipments
  • UPAS for Overnight shipments

Shipping Collected

Any shipping collected will be appropriately distributed depending on the fulfillment arrangement for your winery, be it WineDirect Fulfillment or self fulfillment. The system will ensure that the proper amount was collected per the Marketplace agreement. 

Fulfillment and Order Updates

For wineries with WineDirect Fulfillment (WDF) integration or a connection to WD Fulfillment through ShipCompliant, the shipping codes will be passed to fulfillment like other orders. Self-fulfilling clients must be able to meet the methods provided and will be required to enter their shipping information in a timely manner (defined by your agreement) to comply with Marketplace requirements.

Additionally for WineDirect Clients

Orders placed for multiple wineries can go on a single order.  To achieve this Marketplace orders will be fulfilled through a unique WineDirect Fulfillment account. This happens automatically and requires no action on your part.  

Products are automatically cross-referenced your products to a Vin65 Marketplace subinventory that you will see in the WineDirect Fulfillment Portal. For Vin65 Default pool users, inventory will move to the subinventory only when orders are placed. For Vin65 Marketplace pool users, the subinventory will line up with the inventory amount that you designated in Vin65. As orders are processed, inventory is decremented in both locations automatically. Again, no action is needed on your part. 

For Vin65 Marketplace pool users, the subinventory will line up with the inventory amount that you designated in Vin65; as orders are processed, inventory is decremented in both locations automatically.No action is needed on your part.

Since the Marketplace fulfills the order through the WDF unique account, your winery’s order flow will change to prevent double orders. This is done by preventing the order from fulfilling through your WineDirect Fulfillment Primary AMC account. For direct integrations between Vin65 to WDF, the program prevents the fulfillment and then order is updated automatically with order details such as tracking, ship date and statuses.

For WDF client that use ShipCompliant to fulfill orders, the prevention will happen by sending the order to ShipCompliant with the status of ‘In Process’ so that they are not part of automatic fulfillment or manual releases to your WineDirect Fulfillment Primary account. Orders will have a prefix of VIN65API so they are easily identified. Marketplace will then update ShipCompliant directly with all the required order information so that your reporting doesn’t miss a beat. Compliance checks are not affected. It is important to understand that these orders should not be released by you. No action is needed on your part.