Marketplace Products

Selecting Products

You choose which wines you would like marketers to have access to and place orders on. You can enable each product by checking the ‘Add to Vin65 Marketplace’ checkbox in the product’s General Information section. Both wines and bundles can be sold through the program for all Vin65 clients.  Self fulfillers can also sell bundles that contain general merchandise Product type items (general merchandise).  Product type items will only be sold through the bundles and not available for sale individually.  

Unique pricing can be set on each SKU, if you care to vary that for the marketers. That price is managed in Price Levels when you edit it under Manage SKUs. You will see a price level called ‘Vin65 Marketplace’ that is automatically created for all products whether in the program or not, but again will only be made available if selected.  For products that you don’t intend to put up on the program, you can simply ignore the price level for those.  

Once you save a product it will be made available if it is successful. A record will show in your Data Log similar to other integrations. Any failures and their reasons can be viewed on the Data Log for correction: in order to qualify there are specific requirements as discussed in Product Requirements below. Failures will also show as an Alert in your Dashboard for a quick view.

Inventory allocation is also required for making a product available. For more information click here >


When a partner asks for product details, we also provide them with your winery information so that it can be posted as the ‘seller of record’. Additionally a list of your Vin65 Offsite Saleable states (from State Profile) will be provided as the compliant list of states that can be shipped too.

Product Attributes and Requirements

Along with the other requirements for Marketplace a product must be Active for it to be shared with partners.

Below is a complete list of the product attributes that are available to the parnters for each product type. Next to each field you will also see the required fields for the product to successfully be shown to partners, along with the other information that is passed along. Failures will contain information on what corrections are required in order for the product to be successfully added. 

Bundles require that all of the SKUs that make up the bundle be synced prior to the bundle itself.  If any of the SKUs are not synced, the bundle failure will state which SKUs need to be synced.  

As mentioned before, self-fulfillers can also sell bundles that contain Product type items (general merchandise).  Product type items will only be sold through the bundles and not available for sale individually.  

Additional Info

To learn more about the required fields and how they work within Marketplace click here >

Product Attributes

 Attribute  Wine  Bundle  Product
Name Required Required Required
SKU Required Required Required
Bottle Size Required n/a n/a
Brand Required Required Required
Weight No No No
Retail Price Required Required Required
Marketplace Price Required Required Required
Inventory Required n/a Required
Alcohol Percent Required n/a n/a
Region Required n/a n/a
Appellation No n/a n/a
Wine Type Required n/a n/a
Varietal Required n/a n/a
Vintage No n/a n/a
Teaser No No No
Description Required Required No
Image Required Required No
Acid No n/a n/a
Bottling Date No n/a n/a
Fermentation No n/a n/a
Harvest Date No n/a n/a
Ph No n/a n/a
Production Amount No n/a n/a
Residual Sugar No n/a n/a
Sugar No n/a n/a
Tannin No n/a n/a
Tasting Notes No n/a n/a
Vineyard Notes No n/a n/a
Production Notes No n/a n/a
Winemaker Notes No n/a n/a
Food Pairing Notes No n/a n/a
Other Notes No n/a n/a
Ratings (Industry)* No n/a n/a

*Wine Spectator, Robert Park, Wine Enthusiast, Connoisseurs Guide, James Holiday, Stephen Tanzer, Wine News, Wine & Spirits, Wine Buyer, Wine Advocate.