Vin65 Tutorials are designed specifically for clients looking for a guided learning experience.  By going through these tutorials, you will dedicate an hour or two to understanding how the Vin65 tools fit toegether to perform different tasks.  These tutorials are also very helpful for new staff members needing to catch up on their Vin65 knowledge.

List of Tutorials

Setting up and Managing your Store: How to set up and manage your products, shipping, taxes, inventory and Vin65 POS system Learn More >

Managing your Wine Clubs: How to create new Clubs, manage your club members and run Club shipments Learn More >

Managing your POS: How to set up and use your Vin65 POS Learn More >

Processing Orders: How to process orders on Admin Panel, Website and POS Learn More >

Managing Promotions How to set up discounts and promotions Learn More >

Managing Allocations: How to set up and manage your Allocations Learn More >

Contacts/CRM/Email Marketing: How to manage your contact profile, create and send out marketing emails Learn More >