System Text Messages

The system text message section allows you to manage the automated text messages that are sent out for order tracking. System text messages are sent when an order is shipped, delivered, or when there is a issue with delivery. While you cannot create new system text messages you do have control over the wording within the messages.

Adjusting System Text Messages: Learn to adjust the wording that appears in system text messages. Learn More >

Adjusting System Text Messages

Please use the following steps to adjust the wording in system text messages:

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > System Text Messages

2. From the main System Text Message screen search for message by the System Event name (i.e. Exception, Order Delivered, Order Shipped) or simply select the message you wish to work with from the list. 

3. Click the Edit button.

4. Activate or deactivate the system text message using the Active checkbox. 

5. Adjust the messaging for the text in the Text Message field. 

6. Click Save to save your changes.

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