Inbound Text Messages

The Inbound Text Message section allows you to setup auto response messages for texts received from your customers. Inbound text messages will review your customer database to match texts to customers based on the mobile number of the sender. 

Adding Inbound Text Messages: Learn how to create auto-response text messages and emails to auto-reply when your customers text you. Learn More >

Text Message Campaigns: Learn how to categorize your Inbound Text Messages using Text Message Campaigns. Learn More >

Adding Inbound Text Messages

Please use the following steps to add a new Inbound Text Message auto-response:

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Inbound Text Messages

2. Click Add an Inbound Text Message.

3. Start by selecting what you would like to trigger your event under the Keyword section. You can choose whether to send an auto-response when you receive a text with a specific Keyword or when the customer texts their Email Address.

4. If you want to auto-respond with a text message check Send SMS Response and enter your message. 

5. If you the customer is providing their email address via text message and you wish to send an auto-response message to them you can check the Send Contact an Email then choose the Email Category that your document is assigned to then choose your document from Email Documents. 

6. If you want to have the sender added to a Contact Type then check off which the type or types you want the customer to be added to. 

7. Click Save.


Allows you to choose whether your auto-response is triggered by the customer texting a specific keyword or their email address to you. 

  • Keyword: A customizable keyword that is set through the Word field. [i.e. Wine, Pinot, Event, etc.] 
  • Email Address: The customer's email address sent to you. 

A specific word that you want to trigger your text message event. 

  • [i.e. Wine, Pinot, Event, etc.]
Send SMS Response Allows you to send an auto text message response. Checking this box will display the Response field where you will be able to enter the message you would like to send out.
Response Enter your text message auto response. [Mandatory if Send SMS Response is checked]
Opt Contact Into SMS Marketing Allows you to automatically opt customer's into your SMS marketing list allowing you to market to them via text messages in future.
Send Contact an Email

Allows you to select an email document that will automatically be emailed to the customer who sent you their email address via text message. 

  • Email Category - The category (like a folder) that your email document is assigned to.
  • Email Document - The name of the email document. 
Add To Contact Types Allows you to automatically add the person to a Contact Type when they send you a text keyword and/or their email address depending on your setup.

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Text Message Campaigns

Text Message Campaigns allows you to group your inbound message actions together just like you would with categories (think folders). Please use the following steps to create a new Text Message Campaign:

Adding A Campaign

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Inbound Text Messages > Manage Text Message Properties.

2. Click Add a Text Message Campaign.

3. Enter the name of your campaign category using the Campaign field. 

4. Click Save.


Assigning A Campaign

1. Navigate to Contacts > Text Messages > Inbound Text Messages.

2. Add or select the Inbound Text Messsage that you wish to add to a campaign.

3. Click the Edit button underneath the Campaign Information section.

4. Check the box or boxes next to the Campaign that you want to associate your Inbound Text Message to. 

5. Click Save.

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