Duplicate Products

The Duplicate Product feature allows you to create a copy of an existing SKU with one click. 

How to Duplicate a Product

1. Navigate to Store > Products.

2. Select the Product you want to duplicate.

3. Click on the Duplicate button on top-right hand corner of the Product page

Duplicate Product Button

4. A new Product will be created for you. The word "Copy" will be added to the Product SKU, Product Name, POS Title and Marketing URL. Please be sure to adjust these fields as desired.

Duplicated Product Example

NOTE: By default, newly duplicated SKUs are set as Inactive and Display on Website: No. Simply toggle these options on to make the SKU Active and appear in your online store.

The following fields are NOT copied over from the original SKU during duplication:

  • Inventory Counts (Inventory Settings, however, are copied.)
  • Product Media (ie. PDFs)
  • Vintage Notes
  • Related Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Tasks
  • Redeemable with Loyalty Points settings

Additional considerations:

  • When you duplicate a Product Bundle, the underlying sub-SKUs remain the same. If you want to duplicate the sub-SKUs, you'll need to do that individually and then update the Product Bundle accordingly.
  • In order to trigger a Product Sync with WineDirect Fulfillment, WineDirect Marketplace or other third parties including ShipCompliant, you will need to Edit and then Save the basic Product Info. This ensures that you are able to update the product information as needed before the sync occurs.

  • For Enterprise Clients, duplicating a SKU does NOT copy the websites selected under Manage Website. You will need to do this manually and assign your duplicate SKU(s) to the websites desired.

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