Enterpise/Agency Products

If you are an Enterprise or Agency client, there is an extra step you need to perform when creating and displaying products.  The Product will need to be initially set up in the "Parent" site. Then you will need to go to the "Child" sites and add it to the appropriate location.

Creating a Product: Learn how to create a new Product Learn More >

Adding Product to Child Site: Learn how to add a website category to a page on your website so that your products can display online. Learn More >

Master Arrange Products: Learn how to arrange the display order of products assigned to a category. Learn More >

State Profiles: Are effectived by the use of Master Products. Learn More >

Creating a Product

1. Go to Store > Products

2. Follow the Product Setup steps outlined here

3. Go to Manage Websites and assign the Product to the appropriate Website.

Once this is done, your Product should be linked to the child site.

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Adding a Product to Child Site

1. Go to Store > Products

2. Select A Category you want to add the Product to

3. Click the [+] Add Products to Category

3. Search for the Products you'd like to add

4. Check off the SKUs needed and click Submit

The Products should now be added to the child site.  If you would like to add this Product to a Product Group, on Step 1, please go to Store > Products > Product Groups.  The rest of the setup is the same.

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Master Arrange Products

The order that the products appear in on your products can be manually adjusted and reordered using the Master Arrange Products.

Arrange Products on Child Site

1. Go to Store > Products > Master Arrange Products.

2. In the General tab, pick the Category you want to re-arrange.

3. Click Next.

4.  Arrange Product Display Order as needed.

5. Click Apply Changes

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State Profile in Master Products

Be aware that the state profile will use the master site's state profile for determining taxes and/or Shipping Compliance status. It will override what is entered in any Child site state profiles.

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