The order Payment tab after a completed transaction will contain payment information regarding the order.

Payment Tab Terms: Understand what each of the teams on the payment section mean. Learn More >

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Payment Tab Terms

Payment Type

  • Purchased = The order payment is captured right away.
  • Authorized = The order payment is authorized but not yet captured.

The payment date will display in MM/DD/YYYY format and the time will be in HH:MM:SS and if it was purchased in AM


  • Yes = Indicates the order is successful and transaction is completed.
  • No = Indicates the order is not successful and transaction is incomplete.


  • auth: = The authorization code of the order. 
  • trans: = The transaction code of the order.
  • NoGateway = If this shows, it means there is no payment gateway set up for the website.

If a auth and trans code don't show for a credit card order, it typically means that your gateway configuration isn't setup correctly.


If it's paid by a credit card, it will show the four digit of the credit card number. It will also show if it's paid by cash or on account.
Amount This will show the order total's dollar amount.

This process will be different if you use an authorize process or a capture payment process:

  • Authorize Process:
    • Void = Will drop the authorization on the credit card.
    • Capture = Will capture the funds that were help from the authorization.
    • Void/Refund = Will refund or void the payment. It will auto pick the best solution depending on how old the order is.
  • Capture Process:
    • Void/Refund = Will refund or void the payment. It will auto pick the best solution depending on how old the order is.

*The Void and Void/Return functions only drops or refunds the payment. It will not change the order status to refunded or cancelled. It can cause reporting to be short as a result. To perform a clean refund use the "Refund Items" option in "Order Actions".

If the order did not go through and was declined, you will be able to get some details. For detailed information, or to clarify the message, please contact your payment gateway provider.

  • Message = Will show a brief messages about why the order was declined.

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Manual Mode

The manual mode allows you to manually change payment statuses of the order. 

Manually changing the payment status should be done with care. If you manually change the payment status, you will have to manually alter the order in your Merchant System.

Manually Change Payment Status definitions:

Pending A Pending order is not a completed order. This arises when a customer abandons their shopping cart on the front end website, or when an admin user cancels or abandons an order on the back end. Click here to learn more about Pending orders.
Submitted The payment has been submitted for settlement and will be included in the next settlement batch. 
Authorized The merchant processer authorized the transaction. Before the customer is charged, the transaction must be submitted for settlement. 
Paid A Paid payment status means that the order has been paid for. Payment has been collected by the winery from the customer.
Declined The payment has been declined and the transaction has not been paid for yet by the customer.
Refunded The payment has manually been refunded to the customer through the payment gateway.
Voided Void or refund the payment to the customer.
External Payment was externally submitted. External payments will not show up on the History tab of the order.

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Gateway Error Messages

If the payment on an order has been declined, you will be able to view the error message associated with the decline. These messages come from the gateway, not Vin65. If you see a decline message and want further clarification, you will want to reach out to your payment gateway.

Connection Timeout The payment gateway you have setup isn't sending a response back to Vin65. The connection is working correctly, but they simply don't tell Vin65 if the order should be approved or declined.
Declined or "This transaction has been declined" If the messages says 'Decline' or 'Declined' it means your gateway is passing back a valid decline according to the card/gateway. You can reference the transaction and/or auth numbers in your payment gateway to get more info on why the card declined (some gateways don't provide a lot of data).
Transaction does not belong to current merchant - denied This message means that the original order does not exist within your current payment gateway account. This message would typically show if you've changed payment gateways and the original order was processed on the old gateway, and the refund was put through the new gateway.
Valid Pin Required The settings within your gateway are requiring a PIN number for that credit card. Please check with your gateway to disable that setting.
The configuration with processor is invalid. Call Merchant Service Provider. This means something between your payment gateway, and your merchant processor is not set up correctly. You need to call your processor and/or your gateway to see what the issue is.
Do Not Honor This means that the card is likely stolen or there is an issue where the card has been flagged for fraud. We recommend that you call the consumer and/or the card company (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) to find out more details.

Do you use Their page "Why was my transaction declined?" may be helpful.

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  1. What does Vin65 send to the payment gateway?
  2. How do I add credit card types to Vin65 (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.)? 
  3. What does ZeroDollarInvoice mean?

What does Vin65 send to the payment gateway?

Below is what Vin65 passes a payment gateway when we process an order (it doesn't matter what kind of order i.e. club, ecomm, POS, etc.):

  1. Winery Info:
    • Hashed combo of gateway's PIN and key in your Vin65's settings.
  2. Customer/Order Info:
    • Purchaser IP Address
    • First & Last Name
    • Amount to Charge
    • Order Number
      • If card is swiped:
        • Card swipe track data
      • If card if not swiped:      
        • Billing Street Address
        • Billing Zip Code
        • Credit Card Number
        • Credit Card Expiry

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How do I add credit card types to Vin65 (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.)? 

There is a on/off checkbox for the card types (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, etc.) in the Vin65 website settings. Please note that checking off the card type in Vin65, it does not affect the gateway setup, so if you check off AMEX in Vin65, but do not set up your gateway for AMEX, then AMEX won't work. Clients need to first setup your gateway card types, then make sure Vin65 is setup correctly.

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What does ZeroDollarInvoice mean?

You may see ZeroDollarInvoice on the payment area of an order if the order did not require payment. This cannot be changed or removed.

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