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Edit order is a feature that enables you to edit your pending partially-completed orders. When edit order is enabled, the order status and the payment status will both change to Pending until you process the order. This feature is intended only for pending orders. It is not for editing order information on already processed orders.

Edit An Order: Learn how to edit partially-complete orders. Learn More >

FAQS: Frequently asked questions about editing orders. Learn More >

Edit An Order

1. Navigate to Store > Orders. You can use the left hand column to search for an order.

2. Click on the order and the order window will pop up. Click on Actions drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the order. Select Edit Order and click OK.

3. The order will now be in edit mode. At this point, the credit card gets fully refunded. Below is a screenshot of the tabs in edit order mode.

4. Click on the tab you wish to make an edit on. 

5. Once you made your edit, head over to the Review tab and click on Process Order. If you would like to hold the order, simply click on Hold Order

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Edit Order FAQ

  1. I am unable to edit an order, but the 'Edit Order' tool is turned on.
  2. Can I edit a refund order?

I am unable to edit an order, but the 'Edit Order' tool is turned on.

An order with a shipping status cannot be edited (i.e Sent To Fulfillment, Shipped, Picked Up). You will need to ensure that the order does not have a shipping status, and set it to be blank if necessary. For a complete list of statuses please see the Shipping Statuses Documentation.

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Can I edit a refunded or partially refunded order?

No. If an order has been refunded, either fully or partially, it cannot be edited. Refund orders will not list the edit order option in the order actions drop down, even if you have the edit order tools enabled. 

For more information on refunding an order see Refunds Documentation

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