Gift Membership (Alpha)

*This feature is currently in alpha status there maybe areas of the feature that aren't fully functional at this time.

There are two options for setting up gift club memberships:

1. The first is simply a regular club membership with a different billing address (the giver) from the shipping address (the recipient). Either the consumer can sign up and enter this info or you can enter this in through the admin panel.

There is a gift message field the consumer can fill out if the shipping address is different, or if you're entering it through the admin panel, there is a Is a Gift field with a Yes or No option. If you choose yes, you can enter a gift message. The gift message field can take text up to 1000 characters, including spaces.

2. You can also set up Pre Pay clubs to act as a gift. At 2:50 minutes on the club set up video it talks about Pre Pay options. This is how you would set up the amount of shipments the person receives. If it’s a gift membership, they need the separate billing and shipping information and they can choose the correct prepay or on-going club option.

For email notifications, the giver would receive the club emails (like the decline cards, expired cards, etc.) and the recipient does not get emailed.

Upgrading your Gift Memberships to the new Gift Membership version (BETA)

Learn more about our enhanced Gift Membership tools here

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