Enable Paypal Express Checkout


How to Obtain your PayPal Credentials.

1. Go to

2. Click Log into Dashboard in the upper right.

3. Login with your regular PayPal account credentials.

4. Once logged in, click My Apps & Credentials in the upper left.

5. Scroll down to the REST API apps section and select Create App.

6. Type in any app name (usually the name of your business) and click Create App.

7. Click Live in the upper right (default is Sandbox).

8. Click Show under Secret.

9. Copy the Client ID and the Secret and send to


This is the general flow for using PayPal

1. Add product to cart and check out.

2. Login if returning customer or check out as guest.

3. Fillout Delivery/Pickup information and continue.

4. Click PayPal as payment and continue.

5. Click PayPal checkout and login.

6. Complete Payment.



PayPal Express Checkout FAQ

  1. Is Paypal express checkout available for base2 checkout?

Is Paypal express checkout available for base2 checkout?

Currenntly only new checkout is compatible with Paypal express checkout.