Payment Type

Payment Type is a great way to track and organize different Payment methods that you accept at your winery.  You can create different Payment Type and segregate your Reporting if you have multiple ways of receiving Payments.   Please read the following text to learn more about Payment Type.

Create a Payment Type: Learn how to create a Payment Type. Learn More >

Using Payment Type: Payment Type can be selected in Admin Panel, Website and Vin65 POS App. Learn More >

Visibility and Reporting: Where you can view the usage of your Payment Types. Learn More >

Create a Payment Type

To create sales attributes in the Admin Panel you will first:

1. Go to Settings >Misc > Payment Type

2. Click the green [+] Add A Payment Type button.

3. Name your Payment Type (eg. Debit, Vouchers, Schrute Bucks) and mark it as Active to be able to use it.

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Using Payment Type

Admin Panel Orders:

When placing an Order you can apply the Payment Type you've created in the Payment tab.

iPad POS Orders:

When placing an Order on the iPad POS you can select which Payment Type you want to use after clicking on Charge. Once you select your Payment Type, you can then Process your Order. 


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Visibility and Reporting

Admin Panel:

1. Navigate to Store > Orders. Search and select any order.

2. In the General tab of the order, in the Payment Information section is where you will be able to view the Payment Type selected to Process this Order.


1. Navigate to Reports > Sales in your admin panel.

2. Payment Type will appear in certain applicable Sales Reports such as: Sales by Tender Type, Sales by Tender Detail, and the Payment Report.

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