WineDirect has partnered with VinDashboard, a new automatic reporting service that provides a web-based business analytics solution for wineries using their existing WineDirect data. VinDashboard gives wineries access to 50+ industry standard reports and KPIs, allowing them to better track and analyze their DTC data through a highly visual and flexible interface. It pulls your WineDirect data automatically and refreshes every day. 

Dashboards and Reports include:

  • DTC Sales and Trends by Channel
  • Sales Associate Performance
  • Wine Club Monthly Overview and Analytics
  • Tasting Room Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales and Quantity by SKU (to analyze Bottles Sold and Tasting Fees)

Request a demo below or learn more about VinDashboard’s reporting tools.


What is VinDashboard?

VinDashboard is a reporting service hosted in the cloud that can be accessed at any time from any device. It gives you a snapshot view of your business and allows wineries to drill deeper into their data to uncover actionable insights.

An ideal reporting tool for DTC Managers, Wine Club Managers and Finance Executives, VinDashboard saves you time by compiling the most important data into one easy-to-use, customizable tool. Reports can be set up to be emailed automatically and are easily exported to Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

How does VinDashboard access my winery’s data?

VinDashboard will create a profile under your WineDirect account and pull over the existing data to configure your dashboards and reports. 

What WineDirect plan tiers are eligible to work with VinDashboard?

Available to all Lite, Plus and Enterprise clients in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Is VinDashboard included in my existing WineDirect plan?

No. VinDashboard operates as a separate platform and you must be a client of both WineDirect and VinDashboard to take advantage of our partnership. 

How much does VinDashboard cost?

VinDashboard services start at $179/month with a one-time setup fee. Pricing is based on annual DTC sales and a 10% discount is offered for annual subscriptions. 

See pricing details here:

How quickly can I be set up on VinDashboard?

Setup is quick and easy. It takes just 3-4 business days to have access to your dashboards and reports.

Does VinDashboard integrate with other ecommerce providers?

VinDashboard is only integrated with WineDirect at this time.