Webservice Account Set Up

Step 1 - To create a Webservices user, click My Account from the ShipCompliant HomePage.

Step 2 - Click Manage Users.

Step 3 - From the Manage Users page, click the Add User button on the right.

Step 4 - Add/Create the 'Web Service User' (See Image Below).

  • First Name: WineDirect
  • Last Name: Webservice
  • Email Address: (this does not have to be a real email address; it will simply be used as the username for the integration)
  • Password: (create a password of your choosing)
  • Role Type: Web Service User
  • Associate Partner: WineDirect WTN

Step 5 - Fill out the form below to give your webservice username and password to Vin65 so we can connect your website to ShipCompliant.  Please remember to click Save.

** Password must be no longer than 12 characters. **

ShipCompliant Form

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