USAePay Setup

Need help setting up an account?

  • If you have not yet signed up with USAePay Click Here to Sign Up >
  • For Gateway support Contact USAePay Support at 1-866-872-3729 or
  • For Merchant Service support IPayment Support at 1-800-554-4777.

Locating Your Account Settings

You will need to provide Vin65 with your USAePay PIN and KEY. The steps below will outline how to find each peice in USAePay.

1. Log into USAePay:

2. Navigate to Settings > Source Keys and click Add Source. 

3. Enter vin65platform in the Name field. 

4. Create a 8 digit PIN number that consists of both Letters & Numbers and click Apply.

5. Click SAVE to keep the name and pin that you entered.

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