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UXC Eclipse connects NAV to Vin65. They connect directly to Vin65's webservices to pull orders into the NAV system. Below is an overview of how the integration works, however, for detailed information, please contact UXC Eclipse.

General Overview: Learn the 900 foot view of how the NAV integration works. Learn More >

Matching Reports: Reconcile Vin65 to NAV and see why it might not be matching. Learn More >

Refund Orders: Learn about refunding an order. Learn More >

FAQs: See what common questions clients ask. Learn More >


General Overview

NAV connects to Vin65's webservices. From there, NAV automatically pulls down completed orders from Vin65 into NAV. Only completed orders are pulled down, so any declined, pending, etc. orders do not flow.

If an order flows into Vin65 through the website, admin panel, club, POS, or several other types, they will flow into NAV for accounting purposes. Having the NAV integration turned on does limit some Vin65 functionality that you need to be aware of, see the note below.

By using the NAV integration, the Vin65 Order Types must not be changed. Order Types are something that is required to stay static because NAV maps the name of the Vin65 Order Type in their integration tool. If the name changes, it will break the integration.

For detailed information about how the integration works, please contact UXC Eclipse.

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Matching Reports

If your reports in Vin65 do not match the reports in NAV, below are common reasons why.

3 reasons transaction totals change in Vin65 and don't in NAV:

  • Someone edited an order – this changes the amount (and the date).  For integrated NAV clients, you should not be editing orders and it should not be turned on.
  • Someone voided/cancelled an order rather than processed a refund.  For integrated NAV clients, you should not void/cancelled orders.
  • Someone used the web services and pushed an order on a different date than it was placed.  When you upload orders via the web service you can date them whatever date you want.  So if an order happens in RMS on 10/10/2014 and it doesn't upload till 10/12/2014 – Vin65 cloud still has it at 10/10/2014.   

The 'good' news here is that the date modified on the order will have changed on all scenarios above within Vin65 so you can use a report to find them.

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Refund An Order

To refund an order, you will need to use the refund order tool which is shown in the image below. For more information on processing a refund order, see the refund page.

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  1. How do I refund an order that is already refunded (we refunded the incorrect amount)?
  2. If I'm planning on launching with the NAV / Vin65 integration, what time frames should I consider?

How do I refund an order that is already refunded (we refunded the incorrect amount)?

Because you can't cancel an order, and you're not able to do multiple refunds on a single order at this time, you will need to do the following:

  1. Use the Order History Importer and import an order for the customer with a negative amount. Things to note when using this tool:
    • Make sure the order number is a number that is larger than your more recent order (make sure you include all orders including pending when looking at the order numbers) so you don't create a double order number issue.
    • Use copy the information from the original order identically so that it shows up in the right reporting sections (i.e. payment type, customer info, etc.).
    • You don't need the real credit card number for this, you can use a fake number, but everything else should be identical to the original order.
    • Note that this does not refund the credit card, it's purely for reporting purposes.
  2. After you've imported the order, add an Order Note onto the order so that your team can reference what happened and why this order is there.
  3. Refund the credit card directly through your payment gateway (so the customer actually gets the refund). Please contact your gateway company directly.
  4. Call your rep from NAV to let them know that this happened and provide the order number and order date so that they can make sure the credit gets pulled down into NAV.

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If I'm planning on launching with the NAV / Vin65 integration, what time frames should I consider?

If you are planning on launching with NAV's version that integrates with Vin65, you will want to have an 8 week time frame for the NAV team to complete their project (this can happen congruently if you are also launching with Vin65).
Vin65 doesn't recommend launching around a club process, either before or after a club process. Ideally leave more than a 2 week time frame before or after you're planning to run a club.

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