The Vin65/Amazon marketplace allows orders placed through your Amazon wine account to flow down to Vin65 to become part of your daily workflow. You will then fulfill your orders yourself or send them to your fulfillment provider (either through an automatic integration or through reports) to be completed. Once tracking information is added to the order in Vin65 (through a fulfillment integration, order tracking import, or manually) the tracking information is sent back up to Amazon to complete the transaction and transfer funds into your account.

Amazon Account Setup

Order Flow Overview

The following steps outline the basic workflow for an Amazon order as well as how this information is communicated between Vin65 and Amazon.

Step 1: Customer Orders Wine On

Customers will be able to search for a purchase your wines on A wine order follows the same checkout process as standard Amazon orders. Compliance around states that are able to purchase are controlled directly by Amazon. Compliance and setup questions should be directed to Amazon support by logging into Amazon’s Seller Central at: Click “Help” in the top right and then click the “Contact Seller Support” in the lower right.

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Step 2: Amazon Processing

This is a processing period for the order between Amazon and the customer. During this, approx 90min period, the customer has the ability to edit or cancel their order with Amazon without having to contact you at the winery. The order has not been finalized at this point so you will not be notified of an order until the processing period is completed.

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Step 3: Order Finalized And Amazon Notifies Winery

Amazon will send a notification email to you and the order will appear in your Amazon Seller Central account. At this point the customer will no longer be able to make any further modifications to the order. A customer will need to contact the winery (through Amazon Seller Central account).

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Step 4: Order Pulled To Vin65 For Fulfillment. Winery Fulfills Order

The Vin65 platform will pull the order down from your Amazon Seller Central account to allow you to fulfill the order. For those manually fulfilling orders, you will pull sales reports such as the WSN report or Sales Detail report to find the orders that need to be fulfilled. For those who use an automatic fulfillment integration the orders will flow over to your fulfillment house just like any other order.

Vin65 checks for and pulls new orders from your Amazon Seller Central account every hour on the hour (on the 00's i.e. 1:00, 2:00, etc), 24 hours a day. The pull process can take up to 15min to complete. So if an order appears in your Amazon Seller Central Account at 9:45 am, it will be pulled back to Vin65 at the 10am order check, and should appear in the Vin65 by 10:15am.

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Step 5: Tracking Info Added To Order In Vin65. Tracking Info Pushed To Amazon

Once the order has been fulfilled your tracking information will need to be added to the order. For those manually fulfilling orders, you can use the Order Tracking Importer tool or manually add the tracking numbers to the orders through the shipping tab of each order. For those using an integrated fulfillment house that includes a order tracking pull, then tracking numbers will flow back to Vin65 from fulfillment. Once the tracking number is attached to the order the tracking information will be pushed up to your Amazon Seller Central account on the next order tracking push.

Vin65 pushes tracking information to your Amazon Seller Central account every hour on the half hour (on the 30's i.e. 1:30, 2:30, etc). So, if our order example from step 4 has an order appear in Vin65 at 10:15am, depending on how quickly the order can be fulfilled and tracking information entered this order will send tracking information at the earliest 10:30am (though this would probably not be until a later push given the time need to fulfill orders and enter tracking info).

Amazon completes orders and pays you once they are notified that an order is shipped. This is done by the tracking push.

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Step 6: Amazon Sends Shipping Confirmation To Customer

Once tracking information arrives back in your Amazon Seller Central account for a order Amazon will send out a tracking email to the customer that their order has been fulfilled and is being shipped to them.

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Step 7: Amazon Charges, Collects Payment, Disburses Revenue

Step 7 is the part you've been waiting for, the part where you get paid. Tracking information triggers an order to be marked as completed in your Amazon Seller Central account. Amazon does not collect payment for the order until it has been completed. Amazon will charge the customer and take the needed steps to send the funds to your account.

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