Mailchimp for WineDirect
by Vintools

The Mailchimp for WineDirect integration is a turnkey solution to bring all your products and customers to Mailchimp. Customers will have their order history, club memberships, and contact types to unlock all new segmentation and automated email capabilities in Mailchimp!

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Setup Process

  1. Create an account with Vintools or login to your existing account.
  2. Enter your credit card, which will automatically be charged for your monthly subscription.
  3. Create your WineDirect webservice account and enter the credentials into your Vintools account settings.
  4. Click the 'Connect to Mailchimp’ link and follow the instructions in Mailchimp.

Your products and customers will now be added to new list in Mailchimp titled "WineDirect Customers". Products and orders will be updated hourly, while customers will be updated shortly after they change in WineDirect.

Customer Unsubscribes

Due to current API limitations within WineDirect, a customers opt-in status cannot be updated in WineDirect if they unsubscribe in Mailchimp. In the meantime, their unsubscribe email preference is stored in Vintools so they’re not resubscribed in Mailchimp without their permission or an admin resubscribing them.