FORT Systems

FORT provides a fulfillment warehouse and order management system. FORT Systems has a direct integration with Vin65 via Webservice for fulfillment. Orders are pulled from Vin65, and tracking information is then pushed back to Vin65.

Contact FORT Systems: Visit the FORT Systems website to learn more about their services. Learn more >

Connect Vin65 and FORT Systems: Instructions on setting up the Webservice integration with FORT Systems. Learn More > 

Compatible Wine Warehouses: View a list of popular wine warehouses that are compatible with FORT. Learn More > 

Connect Vin65 and FORT Systems

To setup the integration between Vin65 and FORT you need to first be holding a valid account with both providers. Then, to connect the two services you will need to create a webservice account for FORT Systems in the Vin65 platform. To create the webservice account you will want to complete the following steps, or review the Webservice Account documentation for further details:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section in the Vin65 admin panel.

  2. Under the Users section, select Webservice Accounts.

  3. Review the terms of use agreement and check I Agree.

  4. Fill out the form information (First/Last Name, Email, Username, & Password). This must be a unique account so the information should NOT match any current admin users.

  5. Under the Vender selector choose Other

  6. In the 'Other' field, fill in FORT.

  7. Check the Active checkbox to enable the webservice account.

  8. Once you have completed creating a webservice account you will need to send the account username and password to your FORT Systems rep. 

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Compatible Wine Warehouses

FORT Systems is compatible with a number of Wine Warehouses. Among them are:

  • (WFS) - Walla Walla, WA
  • (Salem, Oregon)
  • (Pack and Ship group)
  • (Napa)
  • (Lodi)
  • (Napa)
  • (Napa)
  • (Napa)
  • (Paso/Napa)
  • (Napa)
  •  (Paso/Buellton - PSD group)
  • (PSD group)

For a complete and up-to-date list of compatible warehouses, please reach out to FORT Systems directly. 

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