DeDupe Contacts

The DeDupe Contacts tool will allow you to merge contact records. Please watch the video or read the following text to learn more about the DeDupe Contacts functionality. 

Finding DeDupe Contacts: Learn how to search for duplicate contact records. Learn More >

Combining Contacts: Learn how to combine contact records in the Contacts section. Learn More >

Finding DeDupe Contacts

1. Please navigate to Settings > Import/Export > DeDupe Contacts.

2. Select the Type to either be By EmailBy Name & Address or By Name & Phone. Click Search after.

Below is a list of the filters you are accessible to:

By Email Search for the duplicate contacts by email only.
By Name & Address Search for the duplicate contacts by name and address.
By Name & Phone Search for the duplicate contacts by name and phone number.

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Combining Contacts in DeDupe Contacts Section

1. Select the records you wish to combine/merge by checking off the boxes next to the customer's records on each line. There is also an option to select all duplicates by clicking on the checkbox on the yellow colored line above each duplicate pairings.

2. Select Combine Contacts from the yellow header bar.

3. This will open the Combine Members window which will allow admin users to select which account to merge duplicate contacts into. The billing information of the contact that is selected will be retained. All other information will be combined and merged into the one account. Thus, this is important to determine which account you wish to merge contacts into.

4. Press Apply Changes and the contact records selected will be combined/merged into the selected account.

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