QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2

The QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 exports are order reports in text format that can be used with a third party program called Transaction Pro Importer to import your order and sales data into your QuickBooks software. 

QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 exports: Learn how to run the export and what filters are available to adjust what order data you export. Learn More >

FAQs: Review frequently asked questions regarding enhanced QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 exports. Learn More >

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QuickBooks Export & Quickbooks Export (V2) Reports

Running The Report/Export

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and select either QuickBooks or QuickBooks (V2) export.

2. Enter the date range you wish to report on [To & From Date]. Dates should be MM/DD/YYYY in North America and DD/MM/YYYY in Australia.

**If you are just looking to export all Authorized, Completed, Voided, and Refunded orders [money in and out] then you can skip to Step 4.**

3. Using th Manage Filters  option you can expand the filter menu and adjust the following:

A) Adjust any additional Order Type parameters if you are only looking to export specific order types (i.e. ClubOrder). By default all order types will be exported.

  • All Types
  • AdminPanel
  • ClubOrder
  • POS
  • Website
  • ...or Additional custom order types of your creation. Learn More >

B) Select whether you want bundled items to export as their bundle SKU number or per piece (default is the Bundle SKU: Show Bundle Only)

  • Show Bundle Only: Only the bundles SKU will appear in the export.
  • Show Individual SKUs Only: Rather than showing the Bundle SKU in the export the report will display each of the subSKUs that make up the bundle.

C) Adjust alternate Payment Status if you would like to also include declined tenders. (Bold Payment Statuses are the defaults used in the report)

  • All Statuses
  • Pending
  • Submitted
  • Authorized
  • Paid
  • Declined
  • Refunded
  • Voided
  • External

D) If you are using additional services connected to your Vin65 account you can filter orders by Vendor.

4. Click View to view the report data in your browser (Not available on QuickBooks V2 export). Click Export to receive a export file.

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QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 FAQs

  1. What is the difference between QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2?
  2. How do orders with mulitple (split) tenders work?

What is the difference between QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2?

Both the QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 reports are designed to be used with the third party application Transaction Pro Importer. Because QuickBooks account setups can vary and because Transaction Pro Importer allows for custom mappings, there are two export versions available. Main differences include:

A) The columns in the report vary. Each has a different set of columns with different information.

B) The QuickBooks V2 export displays tips on POS orders as a separate line item. 

If you are working with a consultant for data importing you will want to check with them to see which export sheet they are using. In most cases they will likely be using the newer QuickBooks V2.

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How do orders with mulitple (split) tenders work?

Only one payment type (tender) can be imported per order, so to help streamline the import process only one tender from the order will be displayed in the export. For most orders this will not have any affect on the report is the customer made full payment with a credit card or cash then the report will show the card or cash as the payment method. 

For orders when the customer paid for the order with multiple payment types (tenders) then the first successful payment method will be reported on, with priority given first to credit card payments and then to cash. So on an order where a credit card and cash were both used the QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 reports will only show the credit card payment type (with its card type: Visa, MasterCard, etc). On orders without a credit card tender, example a gift card and cash payments, then the cash tender would show instead of the gift card tender. 

Please be mindful of whether you are placing orders with more than one payment type (tender) as this will affect your QuickBooks & QuickBooks V2 exports and in turn your reporting in QuickBooks.

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