Allocation Requests

This report allows you to generate a report on any Wish List Requests received for additional allocated products. This report displays: Products requested, date of their request, the customer who requested them, as well as the customer’s Max allotment, and the number of bottles already purchased.

The search parameters we provide:

Allocation All Allocations/Select an Allocation
SKU Type in a particular SKU or leave blank
From Date-To Date Date range of the report.

Reports export in .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of what will appear in the Allocation Report:

Allocation Name Name of the Allocation.
Request Date The date the allocation request was made.
Product SKU SKU of the products requested.
Product Name Name of the products requested.
Customer Number Customer number of the customer requesting more products.
First Name First name of the customer that requested more products.
Last Name Last name of the customer that requested more products.
Max Qty The maximum quantity of the allocation.
Purchased Qty The amount of product they've purchased.
Requested Qty Amount requested above purchased amount.

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