You're getting started on the ecommerce platform. We're excited that you picked us to be your partner to help you sell more wine direct to consumer!

Below, you can learn more about the project tools that you will be using, or you can drill down into the task lists and then into specific tasks to get detailed information on each task you need to complete.

Project Overview: Learn how to navigate the project tools. Learn More >

Tasks: What is a task, and why should I care? Learn More >

Adding Notes: Learn how to add a note to a task if you have questions. Learn More >

Complete A Task: See how to finish off a task. Learn More >

Assign A Task: Learn how to assign a task to someone on your project. Learn More >

Add A Due Date: Add dates to tasks to keep your team on track. Learn More >

Adding Contacts and Clubs: Add contacts and clubs. Learn More >

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Project Overview

The project tools within the ecommerce admin panel are a great way to keep you and your team on track to launch your website, POS, etc. You will have one project, but your project may have multiple Categories within it depending on what features you're using (i.e. a category would be the type of website you signed up for, or that you're using the Vin65 POS, etc.)

Within each category, you will have a number of different tasks that need to be completed. There are tasks assigned to you, to Vin65, and to a designer (if you're using an outside design firm for your website).

Your Project Manager (PM) will use this project tool to help you navigate the next steps needed to launch. If you have any questions, comments, etc., you can add notes to each task and/or assign it to someone else on the project.

The main section you land on when you first click on the Projects' tab on the menu (show below) will be an overview of your tasks and the status of the tasks.

Project This is the name of the project given by the ecommerce team and is not editable by you.
Tasks Completed This will show the total number of tasks completed on your entire project.
Tasks Due Soon This will show the number of tasks that have due dates that are within 7 day.
Tasks Not Completed This will show the total number of tasks not yet completed on your entire project.
Tasks Overdue This will show the number of tasks that have due dates that have passed.
Project Categories The list below (on the right hand section of the page, or see the image below) will show the different categories within your project. Each has it's own task list.

To view the tasks for each of your project categories click on the specific category listed on the right hand side of the page, show in the image below, then you can read about tasks here.

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Task List: Learn about the task list view. Learn More >

Task Details: Learn about what the task detail page has to offer. Learn More >

Task List

Tasks are the actionable items that you need to complete in order to launch your Vin65 features. Whether you are working on a website, POS, or compliance you'll want to complete all of the tasks within each of the different sections.

Once you've clicked on the category, you will see a list of all the tasks needing to be completed.

From this screen you can/will want to:

Task/Task List The first column will show the task list (i.e. Setup, Payment Gateway, in the example above) and the tasks within the task list (i.e. Fill out data survey)
Due Date This will show the due date if one is assigned. None means a date has not yet been assigned.
Assigned To This will indicate who should complete the task or who should respond to a note.
'i' Icon When the 'i' icon shows, it indicated that there is more information about the task found on the task details screen.
Magnifying Glass This will take you to the task detail screen where you can add a note.
Check Box If you check the box, it will make the task as complete.

Task Details

Most tasks will have additional information about how to complete the task and/or a link to the Documentation site for more information including: tutorials, step by step instructions, and general FAQs about that specific task. You can also add a note from the task detail screen.

If the task has an 'i' icon, that means there are task details to help you know how to complete the task. Clicking on the 'i' icon will create a popup with the additional information on the popup screen.

To get to the task details so that you can add notes, click on the magnifying glass on the task list show in the image below.

For more information on each of the items within the detail view, please reference the list below.

Project Task Shows the name of the task.
Documentation Link Is a link to the help site for this task.
Details Text explaining how to complete the task.
Assigned To Indicated who should complete the task.
Due Date Shows the date the task should be completed. If blank, not date has been added.
Is Complte Yes/No. If it's been completed, it will be yes.
Date Completed If it's been completed, it will list the date the check box was checked.
Order It will show a number. The tasks will follow this order (and are ordered for a reason).
Note(s) It will show any notes that have been added.


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Adding Notes

If you have any questions about how to complete a task assigned to you, or if you don't know where to get started, you can add a note to it.

To add a note, click on the magnifying glass to view the details about the note.

From here, click the Add Task Note button.

After you've click on the Add Task Note button, you will be able to add text to the note section. This can be anything you'd like - i.e. a comment, a question, a note for someone else on the project, etc. We highly recommend using this note tool instead of sending comments via. email so that everything about your ecommerce project is one place.

This is also how to ask a question of your Project Manager.

Email To This will list anyone that is on your project. By checking the contact's check box, they will get an email notification when the note is added.
Save The save button will add the note.
Cancel The cancel button will not add the note can exit you out of the add note screen.

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Complete A Task

In order to launch your site, your Vin65 Project Manager will look to see if you've completed all of your client tasks.

Once you've completed a task, simply click on the check box and it will complete the task. Don't worry, it won't delete the task, so if you need to reopen it, you can uncheck the complete check box to open it back up.

After the task is marked completed, it will then be highlighted in green and have a strike through on the task as shown by the image below.

It will also add a completed date to the task details incase you want to jump into a task to see when it was completed by your team, your designer, Vin65, or by you (shown below).


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Assign A Task

When the project is initially setup, the tasks are assigned to a single contact from your team. This contact is the main website contact from the online signup form. You can have an unlimited amount of assignees from your company work on a project, so if you have multiple people working on the project with you, it's easy to set them up.

In order to set up a contact to assign a task to, you will need to set that person up with admin panel access (this is one of your first steps in the platform). Once they are setup in the admin panel, they will show up in the assignee drop down list.

Having the correct contacts assigned to the correct tasks will help them, when they log into the projects, so they initially see what they need to do.

For information on setting up admin users, see the admin panel user page.

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Add A Due Date

If you want to keep yourself, or your team to a schedule, this tool can help. You can add a due date to a task. The tasks that are overdue will stand out more both in the project tool and in the weekly project emails. Tasks do not have to have dates, and you can remove a due date if you like.

To add a due date, click on the pencil icon by the task Due Date.

If the task is overdue, the task will be highlighted in red, shown below.

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