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Eligibility Requirements » Regional availability and criteria to use the current integrated solution.

Device Resources » Download the user guide and other essential information about the use and care of your terminal.

Getting Started - Setup & How-to » Learn how to set up your device for the first time. 

Edit/Delete Terminal » Learn what settings you can change in the POS, including the device nickname, configuring tips, and removing a terminal from your POS setup. 

Make a Sale » Learn more about how to process a payment for a POS orders using a connected terminal. 

Make a Refund » Learn more about how to process card-present and card-not-present refunds for orders placed using a connected terminal. 

Troubleshooting » Learn solutions to common problems encountered when using terminals

FAQs » See common questions about EMV and contactless payments. 

Eligibility Requirements

The integrated EMV terminal is encrypted for U.S.- based clients processing on the WineDirect Payments Platform, and is only available through WineDirect Payments. To order, please visit our store, email: or call (818) 346-9888.

Not processing on the WineDirect Payments Platform yet? > Learn more about our integrated payments solution.


Device Resources

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Getting Started - Setup & How-to

Watch our training webinar to learn more about features, benefits and how to set up here.

Step 1: How to configure Wi-Fi

Before you can register a terminal with your POS, you must first connect the EMV terminal (Ingenico/Move 5000) to your local Wi-Fi network. To configure your EMV device on Wi-Fi you will need:

  • To first make sure that the EMV terminal is charged or plugged in.
  • Set-up the Ingenico in a good location where Wi-Fi is strong. 
  • To know the Wi-Fi network and appropriate password that you are trying to connect to. Note that passwords are “case sensitive” and should be entered in to the Ingenico reader as intended.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi area you are connecting to has the necessary coverage and signal strength. We recommend connecting your smart phone to the Wi-Fi and confirming that you have coverage in all areas of where you wish to take sales.
  • If your winery uses a firewall, you will first need to open up the following ports for the Move/5000 to communicate:
    • 443 (for terminal authentication)
    • 6443 (tokenization and processing) and
    • 8443 (tokenization and processing) on your local network router.
  • Ensure that the SSID or Wi-Fi network name is unuiqe, otherwise the terminal may have trouble automatically connecting to your network or other problems after setup.
  • A “solid” green symbol on the Ingenico means you’re connected to Wi-Fi. 

Step 2: How to configure your EMV Terminal (Ingenico/Move 5000)

From the HOME screen:

  • Enter the code to access the ADMIN MENU by pressing 0001.
  • Select 3 for "WIFI Paramaters." 
  • Select 2 for "Scan Networks."
  • Select the Wi-Fi area that you would like to connect your terminal to.
  • Enter the password for the Wi-Fi area using the touchscreen keypad and press the green ENTER button. Note: You can change the font size, or switch to the number keypad by pressing the "ABC" or "1,2,3" button on the screen. Once password has been accepted the terminal will display ‘NEW PROFILE OK’. Press red X button to go to the HOME screen.

To confirm the terminal is logged on, from the HOME screen press 0000. The WI-FI symbol at the top left will be green and indicate signal strength.


Step 3: Potential Troubleshooting

  • Check Wi-Fi is connected - if not, you may want to re-enter your password.
  • Connect with your internet provider or IT contact to ensure there is no firewall present that is blocking the EMV device to pair with your Wi-Fi.
  • See if you can log into another network or tether to your smartphone network to test connectivity and performance.
  • To confirm the terminal is logged on, from the HOME screen press 0000. The WI-FI symbol at the top left will be green and indicate signal strength.
  • If the Ingenico reader displays “This Lane is Closed” – this means that the EMV reader is not set up properly; and you will have to re-connect to Wi-Fi and reboot the device.
  • A proper re-boot (simultaneously pressing the pound key and yellow button) is lengthy and can take 3-4 minutes.  If the device is NOT paired up properly to Wi-Fi, the reboot lasts less than a minute, so you will have to reconnect the Ingenico to Wi-Fi again.
  • “Powered by Zeamster” is the final “Home Screen” .  This screen will display when the Ingenico is set-up properly and a re-boot was completed successfully
  • If the serial number of the Ingenico Reader you are attempting to pair  is NOT located under “EMV terminal” – call WineDirect Payments at 818-346-9888 so that they can check the back-end to confirm that the device has been added to your POS. See image below:

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Paring on the POS

1. Log into the POS system.

2. Click Menu Bar (the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the POS screen) > Device Settings.

Your device should already comes setup on your POS. If it is, simply select the Nickname of the terminal from the EMV Terminal dropdown menu. If you want to change it to something more recognizable, proceed to the Edit/Delete Terminal section.

3. Save the selected device to associate it with the POS profile.

Restart your EMV device (Ingenico/Move 5000) by pressing and holding the back button (yellow key) and hash key (#) simultaneously. Upon reboot, the device will automatically install a number of updates. Once they are complete, you will see the "Powered By Zeamster" screen indicating your terminal is ready to be paired with the POS.

***Please note: If the EMV device shuts down then just click the green button to turn the device on and begin the reboot process.***

Edit/Delete Terminal

Once a terminal is set up, there are a number of settings that you can edit through the POS by going to Device Settings. Click Menu Bar (the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the POS screen) > Device Settings

Edit the nickname to reflect any changes you want to make.

Collect Tips is ON by default. This is where you can disable the tipping screen that appears on the device. 

Enable Tip Percentages is ON by default with 15%, 20% and 25% increments for each of the three prompts that will be displayed to customers on the device along with an option of "Other" for a custom dollar amount, and "None" for no tip. When customizing the three tip percentages please note the following:

  • Each field must have a value.
  • Percent value must be an integer between 0 and 99.
  • Any duplicate values will only be displayed on the terminal once.
  • If the value is 0, the terminal will display “No” as the option.
Changing these settings will require you to restart the terminal in order for it to take effect.

Enable Receipt Printer is OFF be default. You can also enable automatic receipt printing here, which is OFF by default. Changing this setting will require you to restart the terminal in order for it to take effect. (To restart, press the yellow and # sign buttons together)

Delete a terminal. pressing the Delete button above which is a warning that essentially says you will not be able process an EVM transaction without one. Pressing Delete will also prompt you to reconsider to avoid any accidental deletions. 

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Make a Sale

Please use the steps outlined below to place a POS transaction and pay with the EMV Terminal: 

1. Make sure the terminal you want to pay with is setup as the default by going to Device Settings, selecting the device and click Save.

2. Add items to your POS cart as you do with any POS transaction and click Charge when ready to checkout.

3. Click the Pay With EMV Terminal button. 

Note that split transactions are supported by clicking the Split button under the Total Due and processing individual payments until the amount owed is zero.

4.  Next the transaction will be sent to your EMV terminal and the terminal screen will by default display the optional tipping screen (this can be turned off in Edit/Delete Terminal settings).

Either the customer (or server at the request of the customer) can enter a custom dollar amount or press the red cancel button to skip this screen and leave no tip.

5. The next screen will prompt the customer to Swipe, Tap (using a contactless credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay) or Insert Card. Note that if the customer has a chip card, the terminal will required another payment entry method. 

 Do not attempt to use any other card reading device at this point, including the MagTek swipers. 

6. Following the terminal indicating the transaction was approved, the POS will automatically transition to the digital receipt screen on the POS, where you can email an itemized receipt to the customer.

Their email will be pre-populated in the field if you selected or added a contact prior to this step; otherwise you can enter an email address and a customer record with the email address will be created and the order placed into the order history for the contact. See "Adding a Customer"  

7. Finally, the Success screen shows with a summary of the tip and sale total the options to print an itemized receipt, an itemized reciept with a signature line, or start a new order.

Note that sellers in the U.S. and Canada can now skip collecting signatures on all EMV or contactless card transactions. In April 2018, all of the major payment networks announced that they will no longer require merchants to obtain a signature.


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Make a Refund

Please use the steps outlined below to make a POS refund. Refunds for terminal transactions can also be made on the Admin Panel - for instructions, please see Refunds.

1. Log into POS system.

2. Click Menu Bar (the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the POS screen) > Order Manager.

3. Scroll until you find the order to refund or search for your order using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the Order Manager screen. 

Orders that were paid for using a EMV Terminal will be marked with a payment type of Terminal.

4. Click the blue Refund Items tab in the top right of the screen.

5. You should now see the Tenders display. If there are multiple tenders, there should be multiple lines and multiple Refund buttons as well as a Refund All option. Choose one and click Green refund button to pr

6. Enter in the amount you would like to refund and click Process.

7. Once the refund is processed, you will see the Receipt modal. You can choose to Send Receipt to notify the customer of the refund or No Thanks.

8. The green Success checkmark on the POS screen let's you know the refund process is complete. Click Print Receipt or Back To Orders to finish the refund. 

Note: If you encounter error when processing a refund, you will be taken to a Refund Error modal.  It will provide you with the error message and an option to restart and try inserting the card again by clicking the Retry button.

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Watch our training webinar to learn more about features, benefits and how to set up here.

If the terminal does not turn on

  • Check that the battery is charged or connected.
  • Please note that a fully discharged battery can take a long charging time to recover.
  • Connect the terminal to power.

Card is not being read

  • Clean or wipe the chip or stripe with a cloth to remove any dirt before a second attempt.
  • Ensure the card is inserted correctly and removed only after the transaction is performed.

The receipt is not printed (if terminal is equipped)

  • Check the presence and positioning of the paper roll.
  • Ensure that thermal paper is being used.
  • Turn the receipt paper over to the other side as it only prints on one side.


Can I use more than one iPad at the same time with a terminal?

Yes, multiple iPads can access the same terminal. For each iPad you want to use with the terminal, go to Device Settings, select the terminal name in the drop-down menu and click Save. This will make the terminal the default for transactions with the terminal.

Note that the terminal can only process one transaction at a time. If another iPad attempts to send a transaction to a terminal already processing a request, it will get a busy response.

Is the terminal compatible with printer and cash-drawer register setups?

Yes, the EMV terminal will be compatible with this setup since the EMV terminal uses its own payment flow and only accepts credit card and mobile payment methods after you click "Pay with EMV terminal" on the POS Charge screen.

What kind of credit cards can be used for contactless payments?

As long as the card has the wireless indicator (below left), the customer can tap the card on the reader contactless symbol (below right), versus having to insert the card into a reader.


Can the swipe function be used for applying gift cards, capturing contact information from a driver’s license or adding a credit card to a member record?

These features are not supported at this time. You can still keep your MagTek iDynamo swipers connected to the iPad/iPhone swipers and use those swipers to simply record the data for you. You will not have to switch devices in the POS application to use that functionality of those swipers, since the iDynamos are “plug and play”. 

After connecting the terminal to the WiFi network I tried to exit out of the ADMIN MENU and got an error "Error Terminal Not Registered"  

This error indicates that the terminal still needs to be registered on the gateway using the POS -see Pairing EMV Terminal with POS to complete the setup process. 

How do I turn of the terminal (device) when it's not in use? 

Please see the Move/5000 User Guide for detailed instructions

How can I learn more about the EMV device?

Watch our training webinar for the lowdown on EMV terminals, including FAQs.


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