Nexternal Report

The Nexternal Order Export is a report used for fulfillment companies such as AMS.  You will be able to run a report based upon several parameters.

These parameters are:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Show as Bundle or Individual SKUs
  • Submitted Date/Completed Date/Ship Date
  • Order Type
  • Order Status

Reports export in .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Nexternal report:

ORDER_NO The order number.
ORDER_DATE The date of the order. (Format: MM/DD/YY)
ORDER_STATUS The status of the order. (Example: Complete/Quarantined/Cancelled/Pending)
SHIP_DATE The ship date. (Format: MM/DD/YY)
BILLING_STATUS The billing status. (Example: Paid)
ORDER_AMOUNT The total amount of the order.
ORDER_NET The total amount before the taxes.
BILL_LAST_NAME The customer's last name.
BILL_FIRST_NAME The customer's first name.
BILL_PHONE The customer's phone number.
BILL_PHONE_EXT The customer's phone number extension.
BILL_ADDRESS1 The customer's address.
BILL_ADDRESS2 The customer's address continued, second field.
BILL_CITY The customer's city.
BILL_STATE The customer's state.
BILL_POSTAL_CODE The customer's postal code.
BILL_COUNTRY The customer's country.
BILL_TYPE (Example: Residential)
PAYMENT_METHOD The payment method used in the order. (Example: Cash/Credit Card, etc.)
CREDIT_CARD_TYPE The credit card type. (Example: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Disover)

The credit card number of the customer.  

Please Note:  due to security reason, only the last 4 digit of the credit card will be shown.

CREDIT_CARD_EXPDATE The credit card's expiry date.
CUSTOMER_COMMENTS Comments made by the customer regarding order.
ORDER_TYPE The type of the order. (Example: Club Order/Admin Panel/POS, etc.)

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