Gift Card Transactions

This report allows you to see the entire transaction history on either a specific Gift Card or all Gift Cards. First we will take a look at the report parameters.

These search parameters allow you to choose specific details for your report.

To/From Date

Enter the date range for the gift card transactions. These dates refer to the date the transaction took place.

Card # Allows you to choose a specific card number for your report. If left blank, this report will pull up all gift cards within your date range.

The staus of the gift card. Allows you to filter between cards with active balances and those that have reached a zero balance.

  • All
  • Active
  • Expired (or Zero Balance)

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Below is a list of definitions in the Gift Card Transaction report:

Card Number The gift card number.
Title The name given to a gift card to identify it.
Order Number The order number that the gift card was purchased on. This field will be blank if the gift card was indivdually created from the Gift Cards section in the admin panel rather than being sold on an order.
Notes The notes or instructions added to the gift card when was created in the admin panel.
Order Subtotal The amount of money used in the purchase.
Order Total The total cost of the entire order.

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