Gift Card Summary

The Gift Card Summary report provides you with the ability to get details on all of your Gift Cards. This would include a full list of all of your created Gift Cards, expiry dates and current balances. We're going to look a little deeper at this report so that you have a clear understanding of how this report can help you the most.

On the left hand side of the report page, you will see a box to choose your search parameters.

Expired To/From Date Enter the date range of when the gift card expired.

The staus of the gift card. Allows you to filter between cards with active balances and those that have reached a zero balance.

  • All
  • Active
  • Expired (or Zero Balance)

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Below is a list of definitions in the Gift Card Summary report:

Card #

This field will display the card number

  • (e.g. 1000, 1002, 1003)
Title This displays the name that was given the card. If someone purchased a gift card from your website, it is created and given the next assignable number and given the default name “Gift Card”.


This field displays the initial amount on the Gift Card when first activated and given to the recipient.


This shows the current balance on the Gift Card since activation.


This shows the expiry date of the gift card if applicable.

Active Flag

This field will display a Yes or a No indicating if the card is able to be used or not.

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