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If you want a website for your winery, but you’re not ready for ecommerce, Vin65’s free sites are for you.


Built for the Wine Industry

Vin65 is laser-focused on the wine industry. Powering over 1,300 winery websites worldwide, our platform offers advanced tools to help you grow your business.

Free Live Support

Need help setting up your website? Our team is available 7-days a week to answer your calls. We also have over 900 pages of online documentation and more than 120 instructional videos.

Innovative & Progressive

With new features released each week, Vin65 is committed to keeping you on the cutting edge of technology. We are constantly building tools that allow you to grow your brand online.

Yes, It’s Really Free

This is not a free trial or a limited time offer. You can use our free sites for as long as you want, no upgrade required.

Easy to Set Up

Our easy-to-use tools and templates enable you to launch a beautiful, fully responsive website without any design expertise.

Seamless Upgrades

When you’re ready to start a wine club, set up an online store or a sell wine in a tasting room, it’s easy to add Vin65’s leading ecommerce and POS tools. 

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What's All Included?

Unlimited Content

As many pages as you want, plus blog functionality, event calendars, recipe templates and wine product tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Collect email addresses and keep track of your contacts all in one place.

Beautiful Templates

Choose from our growing library of mobile-responsive, eye-catching templates -- or build your own.

Web Hosting

All you have to do is register your domain: we’ll take care of the rest.